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a stay that supports the back of something

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Oman Sail had moved into fourth position in the 1,800-nautical mile race and was off the south coast of Cornwall when the port backstay broke.
The backstay phenomenon as described is well known (PEER/ATC 2010) but the shear anomalies generated by virtue of the differential podium restraints on the individual tower walls in a podium-tower structure are not well understood.
* Structural steel: All kinds of structural steel buildings, pipe racks, equipment support structures, duct work, backstays, chimneys and stacks according to AISC manual for steel construction;
Flags are normally flown from a stern-mounted flagstaff, a backstay or behind a tuna tower, and set at 8 a.m.
"I left off, gentlemen, where the Lakeman shook the backstay. Hardly had he done so, when he was surrounded by the three junior mates and the four harpooneers, who all crowded him to the deck.
All include a backstay design that virtually eliminates weld failures common with other portable soccer goals.
Colin explains: "One of the main ropes holding a ship's mast is called a backstay. At the time Justin was sailing around the world in luxury yachts, these were made of a material called Kevlar.
A spokeswoman for Beaumaris RNLI said the yacht, with just the owner on board, lost its mast when the backstay broke.
Steel forestay cables, connected close to the canopy's outer lip, transfer the weight to steel masts, from where backstay cables in turn transfer the load to the ground outside.
The opening dialogue between two members of the crew, Bill Martens and Jem Backstay, establishes the problem: "a fine ship and a valuable cargo to get home safe to old h'England with a short crew, and a lot o' murderin,' blood-suckin' pirates all over the h'Indian seas" (9).
It's got the comfort and durability to handle all kinds of terrain, including features like mold-to-your-feet superfoam padding, high-ride compression-molded EVA sidewalls, a Vibram Octogrip outsole, a wraparound wishbone backstay, and an air-cushion midsole.
A rig was designed to be self-supporting with no backstay in up to 18 knots.