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Synonyms for backstairs

a second staircase at the rear of a building

secret and sly or sordid

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They also added Irfan and his other family members have illegally encroached on the houses of Mission Hospital and also using police backstairs influences.
Her daily consumption always included a special lunchtime aperitif of gin and Dubonnet prepared by her senior page, 'Backstairs Billy' Tallon, (a Geordie lad made good), as well as a decent-sized Grouse whisky before dinner every evening.
Her daily consumption always included a special lunch-time aperitif of gin and Dubonnet prepared by her senior page, 'Backstairs Billy' Tallon (a Geordie lad made good) as well as a decentsized Grouse whisky before dinner every evening.
She said: "Corbyn came from nowhere to take the Labour leadership and Sanders is creeping up the backstairs in the presidential election.
An official of the Prime Minster was marshaled to take signatures from the Ministry of State and Frontier Regions on the bill backstairs. May I take the liberty to ask from those at helm of affairs as to how long would we walk off in a huff?
Santo Loquasto, SET & COSTUME DESIGN: The play takes place in the day of Long Day's Journey, only it's the backstairs aspect--the stiff world of the cook and Kathleen (who is the "second girl," the only character who appears in both plays).
THE spirit of Backstairs Billy, the Coventry-raised butler to the Queen Mother, is still haunting the Royal Family although he passed away seven years ago.
" Instead of setting this process in motion, he said, efforts to removeleader descend into "backstairs stuff ".
" Instead of setting this process in motion, he said, orts to remove a leader descend into "backstairs stu".
Costello Music gave birth to some of the most catchiest singalong tunes of the late noughties - the thunderous Creepin Up The Backstairs, the heartfelt Whistle For The Choir and the epic Chelsea Dagger, a song so grand its verve is echoed across every major sporting ground and stadium up and down the country.
The dimly lit backstairs of the office where I toiled writing showbiz tittle-tattle were known as Gropers Alley.
Having recently returned from the National Teacher of the Year Recognition Week in Washington, D.C., I can offer Teacher Librarian readers some exclusive scoops and news from backstairs in our nation's capitol.
These backstairs people can make or break a hotel but they seldom get a mention.
Goldblatt) a ballsier suitor bolsters the backstairs intrigue, while Angela Wildflower Polk's sizzling incarnation of Lady Gaga mixed with the Acid Queen reminds us of celebrity's influence on the body politic.
When Tony Blair, the then British prime minister, and Jose Maria Aznar, the then Spanish prime minister, made a backstairs deal to try to arrange joint sovereignty of Gibraltar in 2002, the rock exploded in anger.