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the typewriter key used for back spacing

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"Wish Your Mouth Had a Backspace Key" is a compilation of some of the best cartoons Mr.
She hits the backspace key with her right index finger and begins again.
* On the Page tab, I click inside the textbox for "by 1 tall" and use the backspace key to clear the 1.
I couldn't keep track of how often I pressed my backspace key or how often I deleted entire sentences and paragraphs because I knew whatever I wanted to say--it just had to be right.
Use backspace key to delete achieve the outcome listed under parts of the URL (from right to the objective left) 3.
A backspace key lets users correct entry mistakes and the 6S is available in solar- or battery-powered models.
Big Keys Plus[TM] One-inch square keys, Greystone Digital including shift key, Win/Mac backspace key, punctuation $119.00 to $139.00 keys, arithmetic keys, and (800) 249-5397 F1-F10 function keys.
The delete/backspace condition required the use of both the delete key (deleting the letter at the position of the cursor and leaving the cursor in the same place after each command) and the backspace key (deleting the letter to the left of the cursor position and moving the cursor one place to the left during the execution of each command).
The backspace key was too small and too close to the backslash key.
Users are told they may view the preceding page by using the backspace key when they are at the bottom of the page.
Compromisers handwrite all their drafts, then type them into the computer, never attempting to manipulate blocks or edit text other than with the backspace key. They still use underlining to emphasize headings.
(Unfortunately, no spelling error statistics for similar environments could be found for comparison.) A small portion of the spelling errors found in TDD text, approximately 10%, appear to be due to problems that are specific to the TDD environment, such as random line noise and TDD backspace key problems.
The backspace key backspaces and erases, the delete key deletes forward and the arrow keys move the cursor in the direction of the arrow.
Above the Backspace key, where Delete is traditionally found, is the Series 5 550′s power button and, to the left of it is a series of 'function' keys for brightness, volume, back, forward and taking a screenshot.