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Synonyms for backspace

the typewriter key used for back spacing

hit the backspace key on a computer or typewriter keyboard

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3 p.m.: David Boyle's "An Accidental Organist" at Backspace, $10
Male backspace availability in the giant waterbug (Belostorna flumineurn Say).
If you have selected a wrong alphabet or want to undo a selected alphabet, there is a backspace button at the bottom left.
* At both grades, students who used the Backspace key and thesaurus tool more frequently scored higher than those who engaged in these actions less frequently.
The delete key also functions as the backspace key.
But the larger keys-such as the space bar, shift, caps lock, tab, backspace and enter-can be difficult to put back,
It also had a key to clear the entire input number, backspace keys, and a window that showed how many digits had been entered.
The difference is that what went on in the backspace has now become standard usage everywhere." Women are in the workforce more than ever.
For example, a system might have the backspace key delete by using the underlying code point, while the delete key could delete an entire cluster.
To convert it back, with Microsoft Word for instance, you hit the backspace key, as I just had to do.
Kai reikia dvi eilutes sujungti i viena, zymeklis nuvedamas i antros eilutes pradzia ir paspaudziamas klavisas Backspace. Dvi eilutes galima sujungti i viena ir kitu budu: nuvesti zymekli i pirmos eilutes pabaiga ir paspausti klavisa Delete.
The system provided comprehensive data on the amount of computer use and only the following data for each person were selected for analysis in the study: keystroke rate (the total number of correct keystrokes per minute of computer use), correction rate (the total number of correction keystrokes per minute of computer use measured by the sum of the backspace and the delete keys), keystroke activity seconds per minute, mouse activity seconds per minute, total mouse click rate (the number of left, middle or right button, single or double mouse clicks as a measure of mouse use), and the minutes of computer use per hour.
* Remove the center lines of the form with Backspace key.
The meteorological equivalent of the backspace button on a laptop.