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Synonyms for backslide



Synonyms for backslide

to slip from a higher or better condition to a former, usually lower or poorer one

a slipping from a higher or better condition to a lower or poorer one

Synonyms for backslide

drop to a lower level, as in one's morals or standards

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Among the five slowest growing states, Colorado and Indiana emerge as backsliders. Turning to Medicaid enrollment per poor person, two of the states with the highest rates of increase qualified as climbers--New Hampshire and Oklahoma.
We're talking secular humanists, hard-core atheists, agnostics, ag-curious, backsliders, people who don't identify with any '-ist" or "-ism" whatsoever, and people who just find themselves saying, "Uh, wait a minute," a lot.
A 'boy commandant' who never grew up, an Irish Victor Grayson, or, as McGuire would have it, a great man with the right approach who was ultimately defeated by backsliders and counter-revolutionaries?
Hence things must be arranged so that when they no longer believe they can be compelled to believe by force." Violence is well-used when it is coupled with a new vision of how things ought to be and keeps "the backsliders in line" or "[converts] the doubters" (VI).
173-97, especially 173-75; Michael Winship, "Weak Christians, Backsliders, and Carnal Gospelers: Assurance of Salvation and the Pastoral Origins of Puritan Practical Divinity in the 1580s," Church History, 70 (2001), pp.
The Torah describes a monotheistic and aniconic Yahwism centered on a magnificent temple in Jerusalem battling backsliders into polytheistic Canaanite idolatry, while in contrast archaeology has revealed religious establishments outside the capital (e.g., Arad), small images of goddesses in private homes, and even a wife for Yahweh (at Kuntillet 'Alrud).
Teresa Gowan, Hobos, Hustlers and Backsliders: Homeless in San Francisco (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press 2010)
In doing so, Tateishi's example and methods might be regarded as sowing seeds of hope for a community of dropouts, down-shifters, and backsliders who may have otherwise tilled only barren fields in an eroded civil society.
LUPIN: Look at my works "A pair of Stilts to get us removed thro' the slough of Despond," (44) "A pair of Skates to enable us sinners to slide down the winter of Life," "A needle and thread to stitch up a Backsliders rents"
Countless reports, updates, studies, and lamentations about civic backsliders would be published in the coming years.
From her moral fortress, she looks out at a world filled with dissolute backsliders, crafty cheaters, and vicious self-seekers and knows that in any showdown that's likely to arise, her virtue will give her the upper hand.
The concern that exercises today's secular humanists and radical atheists is that, although the triumphs of scientific rationalism are all around us, backsliders and fanatics are still numerous enough to threaten to undo the whole project and plunge us back into the Dark Ages.