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Synonyms for backsheesh

a relatively small amount of money given for services rendered (as by a waiter)

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This manifests itself not only in an incredibly inefficient way of doing business and providing for ample opportunities to receive backsheesh (a culturally expected, small monetary gift or business kickback) but also ultimately in a lack of international commerce.
The children haunt the shore where boats land, and set up an incessant cry for "backsheesh," and there are few who can resist the winning smiles with which they sweeten their importunities.
One of these beauties in arising, exposed about six feet of the best combination menagerie it has ever been my privilege to witness, consisting of snake skins, as malice, flees [sic], rags, gray backs, jaws, and the spicy odor peculiar to these people and this land, and addressed me in Arabic beginning with the work "Allah" and ending with "backsheesh," all of which being interpreted meaneth, Thou son of a Christian dog, your diabolical intentions are anticipated, know then that we are the sons of the Great Prophet, and are the police of yonder city sent on board to look after your health, and test your viscera by contact with opthalmia [sic], small pox, cholera, leprousy [sic], &c., and a rupee only will appease us.
And, if he returns to his best form from last spring, Swan's charge should outpoint Young Whack, an out-and-out-stayer, and Backsheesh.
Tuer added that he runs recent point-to-point winner Backsheesh in the Christie's Foxhunter at Cheltenham on Thursday.