backseat driver

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a meddler who insists on giving unwanted advice

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Other characteristics of a backseat driver -- which could also be likely to cause a near-miss -- include advising on which lane the car should be in, and telling the driver when to move at the traffic lights.
Her remark will be seen as a slapdown for the Foreign Secretary, who was accused by Home Secretary Amber Rudd of trying to act as a "backseat driver" by releasing his 4,000-word essay days before the PM delivers a crucial speech on Brexit in Italy.
Sure, control freaks can be annoying (sometimes those opinions get offered even when you don't ask for them), a little overbearing (so maybe I have been known to reset dinner tables, rearrange Christmas trees and reorganize makeup drawers while in someone's bathroom) and sometimes downright irritating (I am pretty sure Uber has a flag on my profile that says "backseat driver").
He told me: "That's not just being a backseat driver. That's stretching your legs over the driver's seat to work the pedals."
For example, many winced when Margaret Thatcher said she would be a "very good backseat driver." How little John Major enjoyed her interventions can be seen from his description of Lady Thatcher's behaviour during his spell at 10 Downing Street as "intolerable."
Sherwood was the backseat driver (still delivering a stirring half-time teamtalk instead of caretaker boss Scott Marshall) as Villa overcame Premier League Leicester in the fifth round.
ALEX Salmond is used to being a backseat driver. That's what comes of having spent the last seven years being chauffeured around.
But he became the festival's amiable backseat driver, who guided his successors at the Baguio Flower Festival Foundation Inc.
He added: "There are certainly powerful figures in the Labour group who would be quite content to have somebody who would respond as a backseat driver.
Campaigns include:AT&T's "Up All Night," Durex's "Vinyl," Intel's "Museum of Me," Metropole Orchestra's "Save An Orchestra,"'s "The Priceline Negotiator Lives!," Toyota's "Backseat Driver," and 7-Eleven's "Bring Your Own Cup Day." Entries list the company name, product name, website, country strategy deployed in, strategy name, marketing tactic, sector, and strategy date.
The "backseat driver," eyes open, places his or her hands on the driver's shoulders and tells the driver, "I've got your back." The front driver controls the speed, while the rear driver provides information and direction (sort of a human GPS system), avoiding collisions with other drivers and fixed objects.
But before hitting the road this holiday season, Americans might want to double check their directions and consider leaving the backseat driver at home: three in ten (26% ) say that their biggest travel annoyance is a GPS/navigation system that fails or provides outdated directions, while nearly one quarter (22%) say their biggest pet peeve is the backseat driver that shouts driving tips.
Although intended especially for young people ages 2-8, the music album Backseat Driver by Cat's Pajamas is family-friendly listening for older siblings and parents, too!
Toyota Motor Sales & Marketing won the gold award at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity with the application titled "Backseat Driver," which makes children feel like they are driving a car when they use it in a real car as the mobile phone's global positioning system function helps show real-time information about roadside facilities.