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someone who is willing to trade favors or services for mutual advantage

a long-handled scratcher for scratching your back

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Police have confiscated a backscratcher, rattan cane, and plastic pipe, among other items.
Multipet International is offering Loofa Dog, a soft toy that can be used as a retriever, a backscratcher or a pet's favorite snuggly companion.
We'd scarcely made our move when the backscratcher bull woke up, walked up an adjacent hill, and began feeding--directly toward us.
When it came to Grandmother Lee, in whose house Lucy grew up and still resided, everyone knew Poor Lucy was "one end shoe horn and the other end backscratcher," as the barber's assistant put it.
Backscratcher provided another surprise at 25-1 when winning at the 16th attempt in the three-mile novices' handicap chase.
He was a consummate backscratcher. As a youth he befriended James Middleton Cox, the newspaper publisher and governor of Ohio, who loaned Reston money to attend the University of Illinois.
You can even buy a backscratcher made of solid koa wood or chopsticks, gunstocks, hair ornaments, or woodenware.
Tory MP Eric Pickles on Labour "toff" tactics in the Crewe & Nantwich by-election campaign "I am always being stopped at airports because of my backscratcher. At security, every time, I have to pull it out and demonstrate it on my back"
The National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham has recruited masseuse Sherene Garry, aged 18, as chief backscratcher for Gulliver and Molokai.
Can you imagine door to door canvassing and explaining why you needed that ivory backscratcher on expenses?
On that occasion at Uttoxeter last month, the Chris Popham-trained gelding ran his best race to date over fences when beaten a neck by Backscratcher in a novices' handicap over three miles.
They will even provide you with piercings, temporary tattoos, false eyelashes and great backscratcher nails.
You're saying people should get paid a few pounds an hour for doing their job and not be allowed to use the toilet so that a billionaire can buy himself a few more ivory backscratchers.