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scatter (radiation) by the atoms of the medium through which it passes

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Liquid water clouds can be identified by a thin layer with very high backscatter at cloud base followed by rapid extinction of the ceilometer signal, for example, near heights of 2-3 km at 0000 and 0200 UTC and from 1700 to 2100 UTC, whereas the ceilometer signal penetrates farther into ice clouds.
Nick Fox, managing director of Axi-Tek, said: "We are excited to have secured this novel technology as it now paves the way for a new line of portable backscatter x-ray imaging products.
Microwave Backscatter Dependence on Surface Roughness, Soil Moisture, and Soil Texture: Part III???Soil Tension," IEEE Trans.
Correlations between In Situ SMC and Corresponding Total Backscatter [[sigma].sup.[omicron]].
Range-corrected parallel and orthogonal backscatter lidar signals are given by
Its backscatter reflects incoming radio waves to communicate with other devices.
Keywords: Backscatter communication, Wi-Fi, sensor tag, ambient RF, Channel State Information (CSI)
ESPRIT QUBE software from Bruker provides extensive tools for 3-D visualization and post-processing of data sets acquired with electron backscatter diffraction systems (EBSD) and/or energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometers (EDS).
It offers backscatter detection at the lowest beam currents, at any tilt angle, on sensitive samples, and at TV-rate imaging so materials contrast is strong.
Additionally, large Pacific cod do not routinely swim above the trawl because analysis of acoustic backscatter collected concurrently with trawl hauls indicated that only 4% of the acoustic backscatter attributed to Pacific cod occurred at heights above the headrope.
Using American Science and Engineering Inc.'s MINI Z Handheld Z Backscatter Screening System, security and public safety personnel are equipped with an effective, portable, lightweight scanner that is self-contained, requires no set up and provides a fast, accurate image when screening hard-to-reach targets.
Optical extinction measurements indicate the liquid and ice water contents, while the differential backscatter from two distinct probe laser wavelengths implies an effective droplet size.
The interrogators then detect the Rayleigh backscatter from the pulses.