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a handsaw that is stiffened by metal reinforcement along the upper edge

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They found the celt of Walker and Parkinson empty with a backsaw blade lying nearby.
You could cut the moldings the old-fashioned way, with a miter box and backsaw, and get excellent results.
The backsaw, and, also, Dad despite his disability pension having occasionally repaired boats on the beach, and houses, the claw hammer, hanging at an angle from the tab of his ballooning overalls, their belly fondling the floor as Dad crept along on all fours.
Note in the photos that the kerfs (saw cuts) defining the edges of those open-to-view joints are made carefully and slowly with a thin, fine-toothed backsaw used to section moldings in a miter box--this so the joints will be very snug.
Photo: Saw off dowel pegs using any fine-tooth saw (shown is offset backsaw) when glue has dried.