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Synonyms for backpedal

Words related to backpedal

pedal backwards on a bicycle

step backwards, in boxing

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modify one's opinion, make it less strong

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hundredth floor water cooler; backpedal through the smoldering
The DB can get out of his backpedal from a variety of different angles as the play develops.
The minister told Israel Radio that Israel was trying to convince Russia to backpedal on the S-300 missile deal.
The European Commission committed to bringing forward proposals for the directive in its work programme for 2008 but some member states, including Germany and Poland, have objected to the proposals and forced the president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, to an embarrassing backpedal on his commitment.
A high level of flexibility will enable your defensive backs to effortlessly glide in their backpedal, hip flips, speed turning, and playing the ball at its highest point.
In an attempt to backpedal from Dobson's extreme comments, FOF issued a statement rephrasing its position.
government has decided to backpedal the fusion research effort, particularly the two implosion methods.
Football defensive backs commonly use a backpedal before moving in another direction.
Pacquiao then put the pressure on Algieri pinning the American to the ropes and corners as the challenger continued to backpedal from the Fighter of the Decade.
Later on in the commentary Jonathan sought to backpedal a little, but succeeded only in bringing to mind that good old advice - when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.
US cyclists arrived in Beijing wearing masks this week - well, they've got to hide their syringes somewhere - before being forced to backpedal and apologise to the Olympic organising committee.
you have to backpedal She'd moved to a flat bit of the Cotswolds, apparently, and would, due to some weird genetic, back-pedal-brake-gene, cherish my pretty bike dearly.
On the snap, the safeties will backpedal regardless of what type of read they are getting up front.
These movements can include shuffling, turn and run forward, turn and backpedal, lateral crossover run, etc., utilizing quick change-ups with as much speed as possible.
Hardline unionists fear Mr Trimble, their leader, is about to backpedal on the handover which begins on October 31.