backpacking tent

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a tent that can be carried in a backpack

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Along with other outdoor retailers, NEMO provided each of the winners with a lightweight backpacking tent, sleeping bag and a sleeping pad.
The Rimrock 2P (2-person) Backpacking Tent with camo fly from Easton Technical Products ($329; provides 35 square feet of floor space and 45 inches of headroom, as well as superb ventilation and easy access through its opposable doors.
and hastily put up a backpacking tent. Soaking wet and too cold to even make a fire, they crawled into their sleeping bags and ate granola bars.and nuts for dinner.
I leaned my bike against one of the trees, (which are perfectly spaced to provide shade to the campsites while still allowing a lake view), and pitched my backpacking tent, making sure to angle it to deflect the westerly breeze off the lake.
My well-worn backpacking tent, which had faithfully kept us dry for more than a decade, was no match for this storm: Heavy, fat drops of water dripped onto the floor, worsening with each gust of wind.
And that's how I wound up leaving my backpacking tent at home and doing something my 22-year-old self might have balked at: glamping.
Though it's often used for sails and backpacking tents, it's not as strong as the other outdoor fabrics and is prone to sun damage unless treated.
This has led to increased demand for various hiking products, such as backpacking tents, water bottles, and hydration gear.