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Synonyms for backpacking

carrying something in a pack on the back


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The collaborative work of seasoned backpackers Mike White and Douglas, "Best Backpacking Trips in Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico" is more than just a simple guide book.
Critique: Exceptionally well organized and deftly presented, "Best Backpacking Trips in California and Nevada" is impressively 'user friendly' and an invaluable resource and reference for planning backpacking itineraries throughout California and Nevada.
JOY OF BACKPACKING: YOUR COMPLETE GUIDE TO ATTAINING PURE HAPPINESS IN THE OUTDOORS covers all the gear, backcountry skills, and fitness training needed to make a backpacking trip an exceptional, fun experience.
Groups of park service volunteers have been backpacking and rafting to remote tamarisk thickets within the Canyon and cutting the invasive trees.
Throughout my first summer there I moved on to bigger adventures like my first five-day backpacking trip.