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Industry sources disclosed to ( Yonhap  on Wednesday that many smartphone companies have become hesitant to use mini LED backlighting on their upcoming devices because OLED pricing has been dipping in the recent weeks. 
Many customers have heard about different types of banner backlighting technology, wonder which is best, and what technology Best Displays & Graphics use.
In the automotive sector, end applications include high-efficiency, high-dimming-ratio, low EMI automotive infotainment and instrument cluster LCD backlighting, head-up displays, interior lighting and accent lighting.
Direct-LED backlighting using a two-dimensional array of LEDs behind the LCD panel offers the ultimate performance for high-end TVs.
In typical Corsair fashion, we over-delivered and created Vengeance K70 with key-by-key backlighting, mechanical switches on every key, and two color schemes".
Demand for large-sized backlighting modules for LCD TV is intensifying in conjunction with the coming of the year-end high season.
* 6 outputs, each of which can provide up to 50 mA of constant-current drive to strings of LEDs connected in series and/or parallel configurations for backlighting LCD displays.
EoACA[pounds sterling]The Wireless Illuminated K800 keyboard includes features that make it a standout EoACAo smart backlighting, LogitechEeA Unifying technology, our PerfectStrokeEoAaAo key system and Logitech Incurve keysEoAaAo EoACAo and presents it all in a very stylish and sleek package thatEoACAOs sure to please.EoACA[yen] The Wireless Illuminated K800 backlighting automatically adjusts based on the amount of light in the room using ambient light sensors.
Dubai Just as LCD revolutionised the cathode ray tube (CRT) industry, the application of LED [light emitting diode] backlighting is expected to set new benchmarks in IT displays and will become a dominant force by 2011, a top official at BenQ has said.
Philips has launched its new LCD flat TV featuring LED backlighting, which has won the European Eisa award for technology.
Samsung's edge-lit LED (light emitting diode) backlighting offers lighter weight and thinner designs, which is preferable for wall mounting over bulkier direct-lit LED LCDs.
(NASDAQ:CREE) and Lite-On Technology Corporation have signed a licensing arrangement that will enhance both companies' ability to aggressively develop and market white LED-based products for backlighting laptop computer displays.
('SDK'; TSE: 4004) has launched its proprietary gallium-nitride-based near ultraviolet and green light-emitting diode (LED) chips for use in general white lighting and backlighting of large LCD screens, respectively.
With an operating temperature range from -40[degrees]C to 80[degrees]C, plastic optical fiber backlighting panels are unaffected by extremes in humidity or temperature.
However, most of the reverse side of each transparency is covered over, so that the backlighting is confined to specific zones.