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Direct-LED backlighting using a two-dimensional array of LEDs behind the LCD panel offers the ultimate performance for high-end TVs.
Demand for large-sized backlighting modules for LCD TV is intensifying in conjunction with the coming of the year-end high season.
So far, blue LEDs and yellow phosphor are combined for white backlighting of LCD screens in mobile phones.
Neon, fluorescent, and incandescent light sources can be used for backlighting.
BOSTON -- Strategy Analytics forecasts that the market for LEDs (light emitting diodes) used in TV backlighting applications will see rapid growth starting in 2010, as major suppliers deploy this technology in volume.
Wu, Unity Opto chairman, pointed out that his company is the first LED maker in Taiwan to develop panel backlighting application market.
MicroLens[TM] edge-lighting modules from Global Lighting Technologies produce white-LED backlighting for LCDs.
AS3693B offers innovative energy saving concept and latest features for highest contrast ratios in LCD TVs with LED backlighting
To minimize the impact of the increasing LCD backlighting power consumption on battery operating time, ambient light sensing functionality may be required.
Benefits of the fiber-optic backlighting technology include: a bright, more uniform backlight with no hot spots compared with LED lightpipe or LED array technology, lower power consumption, lower tooling costs compared to light pipes and EL, easy customization with choice of colors, no heat emission or EMI/RFI, and long life with no degradation in brightness compared to EL.
Freescale LED Driver ICs Complement Samsung's Advanced LED Backlighting Technology
According to iSuppli, the global shipments of LCD-TV panels with LED backlighting will rise to 90 million units in 2013, up from just 438,000 such panels in 2008.
The result is BLUs that offer the thinness of electroluminescent (EL) backlighting, but with all the characteristics of today's advanced LEDs, combined with desirable tight extraction.
The line includes dc-ac power supplies that drive the cold-cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL)in LCD backlighting applications to support displays as small as 2 in.
Brightest Color LED in Its Class for Direct Display Backlighting