backhand stroke

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a return made with the back of the hand facing the direction of the stroke

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2010) Comparison of segmental linear and angular momentum transfers in two-handed backhand stroke stances for different skill level tennis players.
However, there have been no biomechanics studies investigating the relationship of inversion ankle sprains and front foot position during backhand strokes.
The backhand stroke seems to be the culprit because it results in overexertion and micro-tearing within two primary muscles inside the forearm.
VTENNIS elbow is caused by any repetitive movement resembling the backhand stroke in tennis.
A tennis kid with a two-handed backhand stroke may need a gentle push to sustain an effort to learn the one-handed backhand.
An additional award for Skills Achievement was won by 12-year-old Daniel Whitworth, who managed 51 shots over the net in five minutes with both forehand and well-timed backhand strokes.
The young players got tips on their serves and backhand strokes (before being given tickets to actually watch the pros in action on centre court) while Bopanna and Qureshi were impressed with the talent on display.
Alexandrescu fell behind 2-5 in the second set against the Guardians' Lisa Figueiredo, but rallied and won the next five games and the match with effective backhand strokes and powerful serves.
Adopted by over 500 coaches, tennis instructors and thousands of players alike, this advanced tennis training tool helps improve players' tennis strokes fast -- from the forehand to the one- and two-handed backhand strokes and volleys.
As I am basically an attacking player, 'sir' emphasised on the need for developing my defence and backhand strokes.