backhand drive

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a hard straight return made on the backhand side

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(1989) The topspin backhand drive: a biomechanical analysis.
Hague has his long-distance rolling topspin defence, and his unorthodox backhand drive which time and again catches his opponents out.
The Serb was forced on the defensive in the final set but converted her first match point with a thumping backhand drive down the line to close out the match in 2-1/2 hours.
The first set might have gone either way until Williams pulled out a brilliant tenth game and one sublime backhand drive volley.
He felt his lower back, Victoria Beckham looked even more sombre, and the Scot slipped 3-2 down off a killer, crosscourt backhand drive.
Peer broke at once and dominated the first set with her rhythmic driving, tremendous court coverage and sudden dangerous changes of pace and direction, especially with her excellent backhand drive.
Hirst's was a wonderfully controlled performance, with quick reflex returns, excellent down-the-line forehand hitting and the occasional backhand drive, made all the more impressive by the quality of his opponent.
Trailing 5-3 he came up with a mini-break by punishing Soderling for being too tentative with a backhand drive down the line.
Games went with serve in the second until 3-2 to Li when Kirilenko overhit a forehand to set up break point and then netted a volley off a backhand drive from the Chinese number one.
Hague's steadiness withstood the Crosby onslaught and he won many points with his unusual backhand drive and also with long-distance lobbed returns which Crosby found difficult to counter.
Once Agassi broke in the eighth game of the second set, however, with a brilliantly-blocked return and a hard cross-court backhand drive, the match turned in his direction.
His defence was more compact, he used his backhand drive and rolled forehand more often, and perhaps Moss tried a little too hard to finish him off.
It was then that Dokic seized the moment, forcing two match points at 15-40 with the help of a backhand drive that reared up unplayably off the netcord.
The adrenalin rush was just what she required and she unleashed a tremendous backhand drive straight down the line to break Dalton's service game once again and held out to successfully defend her senior ladies' title with a 7-6 6-3 result.
After Philippoussis had wafted his last backhand drive wide, the 1992 champion clenched his fist in triumph, bowed low and blew kisses to the crowd.