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extraneous signals that can be confused with the phenomenon to be observed or measured

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An earlier study involving the imaging of NLuc expressing cells also reported a significant background signal when IP administering furimazine [17], suggesting that this is a common issue.
The main purpose in that research is to separate music signals from background signals or speech.
Similarly, the pixel intensity of the green channel can be defined as the combination of the signal from the fluorescein in the focal region ([G.sub.f]) and the background signal from the fluorescence evenly distributed in the gel ([G.sub.b]).
In this study, polysaccharides such as sucrose and trehalose had the most efficiency in decreasing the background signal noise and improving the specific reactivity of antibodies.
The background signal in the [I.sub.HP](v, y, z) images is expected to be nearly completely suppressed with intensity close to zero, while the venous vasculature is expected to have negative values because veins have a negative contrast in the original magnitude data.
Therefore, it is noted that the detection limit of this method for all three of the species is in the order of [10.sup.-4] mg/mL by thresholding the signal level higher than the background signal. Interestingly, the increase of fluorescence intensity accelerates at higher concentrations of BPMV (from [10.sup.-3] to [10.sup.0] mg/mL), whereas the intensities of ToRSV and ArMVstill increase at the same slope.
With 1,064-nm NIR excitation, it is a solution for materials science applications when fluorescence background signal often obscure the Raman signal.
"Although the tissues are not nearly as effective at generating a signal as the contrast agent, the quantity of the tissue is much greater than the quantity of the contrast agent and so the background signal is very high," said lead author Xiaohu Gao, a UW assistant professor of bioengineering.
These kits, optimized for inhibitor screening, contain high-performance fluorogenic substrates which exhibit high reactivity and low background signal. The AFC (7-amino-4-trifluoromethylcoumarin) labeled substrate in the SensoLyteO AFC Urokinase (uPA) Assay Kit can be monitored at Ex/Em= 380/500 nm upon cleavage, with increase in fluorescence correlated to uPA activity.
Fat saturation is employed to reduce background signal from fat.
1 shows an example composite signal in question as the sum of the unknown signal and a multi-spectral background signal.
The average signal detected from the animals treated with venom was significantly above the background signal detected from the saline treatment for up to 21 days after the initial treatment (Figure 2, 3, and 4).
It is demonstrated that the developed CTFOB dip-probe is a highly specific detector as the signal from the non specific protein was not more than the background signal.
Because the human body contains no naturally occurring magnetic materials visible to MPI, there is no background signal. After injection, the nanoparticles therefore appear as bright signals in the images, from which nanoparticle concentrations can be calculated.