background radiation

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radiation coming from sources other than those being observed

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City officials said background radiation levels had fully "normalised".
'The residue can actually be returned to the environment based on the principle of waste management for radioactivity which is called dilute and disperse,' he said adding that the production and storage of the WLP had no negative effect on the surrounding communities as there had been no increase in background radiation levels since the plant started operations.
Caption: Clockwise from top left: Members of the red team discovered background radiation in a Stranger Things-themed challenge; Kaien Yang explained his project in a media interview during the Science and Engineering Project Showcase; Nikolai Ortiz and Eleanor Sigrest wrote a computer code to turn on a light in one of their challenges; Ananya Ganesh and Brendan Crotty waded into the Chesapeake Bay to catch wildlife in large nets.
The language problem dragged out the bomb alert as it took a long time for the police to understand the Iranian student was carrying out a university assignment on measuring background radiation.
He said that, on earth, the typical background radiation is about 0.39 RAD.
conducted a nationwide census-based cohort study to investigate whether the incidence of childhood cancer is associated with external exposure to natural background radiation from terrestrial gamma and cosmic rays.
It's regarded by the council as a "special place" for science - a "quiet place in the universe" where studies can be carried out almost entirely free of interference from natural background radiation.
Flame detectors range from simple ionisation probes through to complex microprocessor based flame scanners that can be 'tuned' to discriminate between one flame and another and between flames and background radiation such as glowing refractories and coal beds.
[6] on the residents of very high background radiation areas (VHBRAs) of Ramsar it has been shown that those residents had higher lymphocyte-induced IL-4 and IL-10 production, and lower IL-2 and IFN-g production compared to the residents of areas with normal background radiation.
Last year, Kyrgyzstan received 2 containers and 128 vehicles with high background radiation, Deputy Director of the State Inspectorate for Environmental and Technical Safety Rasul Artykbayev said today.
EOS said that its new EOS Micro Dose option, recently cleared by the Food and Drug Administration, allows a further step towards the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Available) by bringing pediatric spine follow up exams at the dose level equivalent to a week of natural background radiation on Earth.
Studies have shown that one mammogram exposes a woman to 0.4 mSv of radiation, the equivalent of seven weeks of background radiation from the earth and space.
The intricacies of atomic bonds and deep-space background radiation and so forth are all very interesting, but it's nice that the Nobel committee this year recognized work that had benefitted just about everyone, in a very real and recognizable way that most now take for granted.
A history of energy sources, comparisons of background radiation, the overwhelming responsibility of human error for causing or worsening most disasters, and pollution sources are covered.