background radiation

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radiation coming from sources other than those being observed

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Caption: Clockwise from top left: Members of the red team discovered background radiation in a Stranger Things-themed challenge; Kaien Yang explained his project in a media interview during the Science and Engineering Project Showcase; Nikolai Ortiz and Eleanor Sigrest wrote a computer code to turn on a light in one of their challenges; Ananya Ganesh and Brendan Crotty waded into the Chesapeake Bay to catch wildlife in large nets.
A spokesman for Ghent University said he had been carrying a special prototype of wearable equipment to measure background radiation.
If such errors and uncertainty had been addressed in the authors' logistic regression analyses, then it is likely that no association between background radiation and childhood leukemia would have been suggested by the research results obtained.
This characteristic can be used to 'tune' a flame detector to discriminate one flame from another in multi-burner systems or to discriminate the flame from other background radiation.
That's the equivalent of 10 days of background radiation.
The intricacies of atomic bonds and deep-space background radiation and so forth are all very interesting, but it's nice that the Nobel committee this year recognized work that had benefitted just about everyone, in a very real and recognizable way that most now take for granted.
A history of energy sources, comparisons of background radiation, the overwhelming responsibility of human error for causing or worsening most disasters, and pollution sources are covered.
Finally environmental background radiation, regulations, and risk models are covered, followed two chapters on procedures using non-ionizing radiation--ultrasound and MRI.
Background radiation at the Fukushima plant remains high due to repeated leaks of highly radioactive water from steel reservoirs which were installed last summer.
The first light produced by this plasma is the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB) that we observe today, which dates from about 389,000 years after the Big Bang.
All of our plants and storage facilities were quickly confirmed as operating normally, and we were always confident that the issue posed no risk to the workforce or public because the levels being detected, whilst above background radiation levels, were still low.
The Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) team has released its final results from WMAP's epochal 9-year mapping of the microwave background radiation.
Adaptative response of blood limphocytes of inhabitants residing in high background radiation areas of Ramsar--Micronuclei, apoptosis and comet assays.
There are few regions in the world known to be high background radiation areas due to local geology and geochemical effects that cause enhanced levels of terrestrial radiation [2].
In the 124-page report, it added that neighboring countries had levels similar to normal background radiation and for the rest of the world there was minor exposure through food.