background processing

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the execution of low priority programs while higher priority programs are not using the processing system

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Predictive Background Processing ARCHICAD 19 takes advantage of unused computer capacity by anticipating potential future user actions and preparing for them in the background.
displays ' Powerful event tagging system ' Advanced background processing system
The background processing, if forgotten about, can manifest itself as a slow connection.
Now I wonder if my brain is doing all this background processing, what is it doing with the fiction I read?
A separate technology called Ajax, which allows for using JavaScript and XML to process queries by a web browser to a webserver as background processing without loading additional webpages, has been combined with this technology to produce a system referred to as "Ajax on Rails".
Not only will Tivoli Orchestrator automatically allocate additional computing resources to the official Web site -during peak demand, but it will also provision background processing of an IBM Life Sciences research and a credit analysis project when site traffic eases.
Like Pinnacle's new Edition v5 software, Liquid purple v5 delivers real-time 3D as well as 2D effects, integrated DVD authoring, timesaving background processing, and analog video output.
The latest version provides a migration facility that enables new SAP customers to import their R/3 background processing into the Cronacle environment.
Using a different server or LPAR (logical partition), the validity of the database could be insured as a result of a background processing task against the mirror without interrupting the production usage of the source data.