background noise

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extraneous noise contaminating sound measurements that cannot be separated from the desired signal

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It consists of five parts: (1) the VGG16 model is used to extract the high-level features of the original image, forming an initial saliency map; (2) we obtain the image pyramid by multiscale segmentation and apply the VGG16 model with a spatial pyramid pooling layer to each scale of the image pyramid to form the deep pyramid; (3) the saliency map based on the deep pyramid is mapped with superpixel segmentation to extract low-level features; (4) background noise filtering structure; and
The background noise was recorded at the output of each of the microphones.
In the second experiment, a different group of 40 toddlers (ages 28 to 30 months) was tested to determine whether somewhat older children could better overcome the effects of background noise. Again, only when background noise was quieter could the older toddlers successfully learn the new words.
This allows engineers to hear how things sound without any background noise.
ANEEM accounts for lower background noise levels experienced during night-time hours and in suburban neighbourhoods.
Unwanted background noise in the common learning environments available for students in the Philippines often exceed the maximum level recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) during teaching or studying sessions.
My hearing is probably not A1, but (paradoxically) this can increase annoyance from background noise while making listening to conversations a bit difficult at times.
The mid frequency reverberation time is 0.31 seconds, and the lowest achievable ambient background noise level in the space is 37dBA.
Every consumer has dealt with confusing voice recognition systems that require too many prompts to reach a person or are so sensitive that the slightest background noise creates a frustrating spiral and delayed service.
According to Eric Healy, professor of speech and hearing science and director of Ohio State's Speech Psychoacoustics Lab, overcoming background noise in hearing technology has been a "holy grail" for 50 years.
24 ( ANI ): Scientists have made a potential breakthrough in solving a 50-year-old problem in hearing technology: how to help the hearing-impaired understand speech in the midst of background noise.
An industrial noise canceling remote speaker microphone features a dual-microphone that suppresses background noise to enable radio communications to be heard in the noisiest work environments.
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