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information that is essential to understanding a situation or problem


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The students completed a test that measured their background knowledge on ecosystems.
Still others may have low working memory, which limits their ability to absorb information and execute complex tasks even if they have the requisite background knowledge.
* Background Knowledge: an understanding of the world obtained from one's own previous experiences
If something is confusing to them, they use their background knowledge to try to clarify the meanings of words and phrases.
Florescu and Tudor set out to produce a reference that is easily accessible without needing too much background knowledge, but containing the fundamental notions of probability theory.
"I'm looking for someone with some background knowledge on art - they don't have to hold any specific qualifications - just someone who knows their artists and materials - their acrylics from their watercolours."
These supplemental reading collections contain books for whole-class read-alouds, small group work and independent reading, helping students build crucial background knowledge as they tackle rigorous text, the company said.
This graphic novel does not stand alone; the reader will need background knowledge from the preceding books to follow the story line.
The core of this paper describes recently developed approaches to semantic data mining which enable the use of domain ontologies as background knowledge in data analysis.
Each chapter provides a useful overview of typical development to give the general education teacher some background knowledge. Readers will appreciate the examples of classroom activities that will develop skills in these literacy areas.
Teachers should activate prior knowledge and build background knowledge when appropriate, while ensuring that students' examination of text is the central means of conveying information.
Led by Dr David Lines (Head of Italian), the course is designed for people in work or in retirement and will be accessible to those without previous background knowledge. Although it is not accredited, this is an academic course and does require some reading each week.
The authors--David Campos, San Francisco Board of Supervisors: District 9; Rocio Delgado, assistant professor of languages and literacy at the State University of New York at Geneseo; and Mary Esther Soto Huerta, assistant professor of culture, literacy and language at Texas State University--address ways to develop home-to-school partnerships based on meaningful relationships with Latino parents, to become more familiar with the background knowledge of Latino students, and to create a more welcoming environment for these students.
We have to assume a certain amount of background knowledge of 'old Huddersfield'.
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