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information that is essential to understanding a situation or problem


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Poor and slow readers lack sufficient background knowledge about the topic of a text.
The following sections presents the evolution of tools and techniques from inductive logic programming and relational data mining through special purpose systems for bioinformatics to general purpose semantic data mining approaches which enable the use of domain ontologies as background knowledge for data analysis.
FHWA developed the implementation manual to provide engineers with background knowledge of GRS technology and its fundamental characteristics as an alternative to other construction methods.
The Weasley parents pop up out of nowhere, and the loyalties of the Malfoy family are unclear if you don't have sufficient background knowledge.
The authors--David Campos, San Francisco Board of Supervisors: District 9; Rocio Delgado, assistant professor of languages and literacy at the State University of New York at Geneseo; and Mary Esther Soto Huerta, assistant professor of culture, literacy and language at Texas State University--address ways to develop home-to-school partnerships based on meaningful relationships with Latino parents, to become more familiar with the background knowledge of Latino students, and to create a more welcoming environment for these students.
We have to assume a certain amount of background knowledge of 'old Huddersfield'.
A short discussion prior to each experiment addressed a particular discipline of chemistry and provided the necessary background knowledge to conduct the experiment.
But none of these search engines can give documents relevant to the user background knowledge and interests.
Drawing on the 2007 edition of the NRC Nutrient Requirements of Horses, this accessible text for those studying horse nutrition at an introductory level, especially students and horse owners lacking background knowledge in science, provides practical information on horse diet and nutrition and its effect on horse health and performance.
But cartoonists also rely on viewers having enough background knowledge to fill in gaps.
Furthermore, if AiNs are sent away to aggression management courses and the like they will surely lack the background knowledge to fully understand the depth and content of this training.
An academic advisor's primary challenge is to match students' background knowledge with the courses they are taking.
I would suggest that without this background knowledge, no one can express an informed assessment of the European Union.
It has three core units: practical skills, background knowledge underpinning the skills and understanding of food safety procedures.
The tender document for a data entry person with suitable nursing research background knowledge and IT skills is being finalised.
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