backgammon board

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the board on which backgammon is played

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What is the central part of a backgammon board called?
But there are also things like a totem pole, backgammon board, goblet, jewellery, healing wand and many sculptures including human body parts and a hare.
Seven years ago, he came here holding some foldable chairs and a backgammon board hoping to find other like-minded peers to spend peaceful evenings with.
com/, the online backgammon software company is preparing to send a special personalized backgammon board to Paris Hilton so she will be able to play the popular board game in style in the event she will be serving jail time.
As we tend to enjoy the odd wager, one of our group arrived clutching a backgammon board and promising something "a bit differennt".
Tomorrow at 8pm, the UGC Cardiff will be hosting a screening of Leon Herbert's highly acclaimed feature Emotional Backgammon, which highlights a complex world of relationships and is set against the backdrop of a backgammon board game.
For my husband's birthday, I made a backgammon board.
As we tend to enjoy the offdd wager, one of our group arrived clutching a backgammon board and promising something "a bit different".
And many traders offer more than a discount - as well as a beautiful inlaid backgammon board for pounds 8, I also got a marriage proposal.
Summary: A bespectacled man with thinning gray hair expertly inserts grouting between the colorful inlay of a backgammon board.
Shaking his dice over a backgammon board, Ahmad Khoziem said he was "ready to stay in Tahrir a year if need be.
She was also crowned the theatre's undisputed queen of the backgammon board, taking on and thrashing more than a dozen willing stagehands.
Joel, a photographer, had already painted the living room walls in big chessboard squares, and he decided to continue the games theme and paint the kitchen walls with the elongated triangles of a backgammon board.