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a board game for two players

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He took Rebecca to task once or twice about the propriety of playing at backgammon with Sir Pitt, saying that it was a godless amusement, and that she would be much better engaged in reading "Thrump's Legacy," or "The Blind Washerwoman of Moorfields," or any work of a more serious nature; but Miss Sharp said her dear mother used often to play the same game with the old Count de Trictrac and the venerable Abbe du Cornet, and so found an excuse for this and other worldly amusements.
But it was not only by playing at backgammon with the Baronet, that the little governess rendered herself agreeable to her employer.
Sapsea then proposes a hit at backgammon, which, seasoned with his own improving conversation, and terminating in a supper of cold roast beef and salad, beguiles the golden evening until pretty late.
For my own poor part, I don't know one note of music from the other; but I can match you at chess, backgammon, ecarte, and (with the inevitable female drawbacks) even at billiards as well.
Then, we had chess for those who played it, whist, cribbage, books, backgammon, and shovelboard.
Try a hand at backgammon, sir, as you used to do when I had the honour of living under your roof.
Sparsit, from her place at the backgammon board, was constantly straining her eyes to pierce the shadows without.
This led to subjective differences of opinion, not to say objective interchanges of boot- jacks, backgammon boards, and other such domestic missiles, between Fledgeby's father and Fledgeby's mother, and those led to Fledgeby's mother spending as much money as she could, and to Fledgeby's father doing all he couldn't to restrain her.
Even a Hawaiian luau, backgammon tournament and a taco feed are planned.
Multiplayer games include Gin Rummy, Pool and Backgammon.
com/ All-in-One Game Software has added Blackjack to its family of popular community games including backgammon, perudo, poker and now, blackjack.
Besides serving as a recreation center, where seniors come to play games like shuffleboard and backgammon, social services for older residents are also provided at the site.
LONDON -- The popularity of Backgammon and online Backgammon has seen a rapid increase recently with over one million online players, bringing internet gambling experts to see one of the world's oldest game as "the next big thing".
com/ - online backgammon operator has been a major sponsor of Greenberg since early on in his career when Greenberg was relatively unknown.
The 47th annual Grecian Festival by the Sea, a weekend celebration of Greek culture and music, features authentic Greek dancers in traditional costume, free Greek dance lessons, travel films, backgammon tournaments, daily raffles (including one for a trip to Greece), children's area, vendor booths, authentic Greek food and cooking lessons, noon to 9 p.