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a flow that returns toward its source

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Backflow prevention devices under this program are to address sanitary sewer backups only, not stormwater or sump pump-related backups, where water has entered the basement through foundation cracks, window wells, doors or as a result of an overwhelmed or failed sump pump.
Backflow is the undesirable reversal of the flow of a possible source of contamination (water or mixture of water and other liquids, gases, or other substances) into the potable water system.
Dr Henning Bostelmann, Researcher in York's Department of Mathematics, said: "This new theoretical analysis into quantum mechanical particles shows that this 'backflow' effect is ubiquitous in quantum physics.
- US-based dental device maker Stoma Dental is launching the first and only backflow prevention saliva ejector valve, the company said on Thursday.
When no urine is being released, the valve remains closed so no backflow into the bladder can occur.
Wenatchee Ave., Wenatchee; plumbing permit for fire sprinkler backflow Permit issued Jan.
Please note that this kind of shrinkage is dehydration, but not a physiological disorder (sour shrivel); the berries shrink because they lose water due to xylem backflow and transpiration.
The deal, which did not include the backflow product line of Flomatic, was settled in cash.
27 -- The CheckMate Inline Check Valve is suitable for backflow prevention and odor mitigation.
The campaign to enforce the State requirements for backflow prevention devices may have costly consequences for many of the city's property owners.
Phoenix, AZ, June 24, 2010 --( Monday mornings are becoming more of downer than ever for many local Phoenix businesses-especially those who arrive at their properties to discover flooding lots as a result of the theft of their backflow preventer.
The work to be performed provides for facility management services; facilities investment services consisting of operation, maintenance, repair, minor construction and alteration services for buildings, structures and facility systems, water treatment services, backflow preventer maintenance, locksmith services, relamping services, roof inspections, fire protection, etc.; pest control; grounds maintenance; street sweeping services; and environmental services consisting of completing samplings and inspections.
A versatile, straight hemostasis valve helps eliminate the backflow of fluid and accommodates a variety of devices up to 9.25 French, such as catheters.