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the offensive football players who line up behind the linemen

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UO's coaching staff believes that Lyerla can be a closer of sorts in the backfield, even when this powerful team is picking on opponents its own size.
Misdirection in the backfield combined with blocking angles and pulling linemen means that an offensive team can compete with a more physical defensive opponent.
Successful linemen were more organized, predictable, and practical than successful backfield players.
He was asked by Darrell Royal to devise an offense that would have both power and deception, with a fullhouse backfield.
Their backfield features Nathan Arcey and Erin Madden, two of the conference's three leading rushers.
Though our football team spends 80% of its time in our base 4-3 front, we will switch to our 5-3 Stud Defense whenever we begin to see a fullhouse backfield, a lot of running, or two tight ends.
Led by Super Bowl MVP quarterback John Elway and the potent backfield tandem of Terrell Davis and Howard Griffith, the Broncos offense was nearly unstoppable.
He came out of the backfield uncovered and got free down the right sideline for a 17-yard touchdown, the first receiving score of his career.
The Empty Backfield Offense emerges from what I have considered to be: the most successful system of offensive innovations I have been fortunate enough to learn and utilize over the years.
Freshman fullback Brad Kostopoulos (Boron High), AVC's primary backfield threat, is the conference's seventh-leading rusher, averaging 50.
Historic backfield: Havili and tailback Emmanuel Moody started, giving USC its first all-freshman backfield in school history.
As you can see in the diagrams, we use the common X, Y, and Z terminology for the receivers and A for the tailback coming out of the backfield.
We should have had him in the backfield, but that's the way he is,'' said Horton, who also plays safety.