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Synonyms for backer

Synonyms for backer

a person who supports or champions an activity, cause, or institution, for example

one who assumes financial responsibility for another

Synonyms for backer

invests in a theatrical production


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He raised $342,000 from about 2,400 backers in two Kickstarter campaigns.
Personalized Stickers - Pledge $100 or more - A set of 5 stickers featuring the backer as the character + 1 VoxyPAD T-shirt + 1-year subscription to VoxyPAD Business.
5million, will hand the mega-rich Conservative backers a huge commercial advantage over rivals.
The backers of the Bible Literacy Project seem to be aware that the National Council's materials are problematic.
The United States has about 2 million doses in its national stockpiles and expects to have 6 million shortly, Backer said.
Frustrated, Johnson and his backers took their crusade to public secondary schools.
Remaining staff at the cashs trapped attraction looked certain to lose their jobs until a new backer stepped in at the last moment.
Backer says blue-green algae dietary supplements are widely used.
The Sound dies the death of a thousand cuts," says Backer, a veteran lobsterman who also serves in the Connecticut legislature.
Charlie Brown's Steakhouse was delighted to receive the Chain Restaurant National Beef Backer Award.
By better identifying and avoiding risks, The Business Backer will be able to pass along more savings to its customers.
The most important step pet owners can take to protect their cats and themselves from getting plague is to prevent their cats from hunting wild rodents,'' Backer said.
Q I want to install backer board and a ceramic tile floor.
In playing Cover 2, the corners will be the half players, the nickels will play the flats, and the free safety and plug backer will route-read #2 on their assigned side.
Backer Tradeshow in Chicago; All-Glass Aquarium and Kaytee won Pet Business Magazine's "Industry Recognition Award" and; Central Pet Distribution won Pet Business Magazine's "Distributor of the Year Award.