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Antonyms for backed

having a back or backing, usually of a specified type


used of film that is coated on the side opposite the emulsion with a substance to absorb light

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Before he was my ride to work, Cal was the man Momma would call when our trees needed pruning, when the water pump went out, septic line backed up, things like that.
When the AGPU must be backed up, the operator should do it using AGPU power--not a vehicle.
Even Jenny Nagaoka said that while the Board of Education had implemented most of the CCSR's recommendations "beautifully" in regard to preventing the need for retention, it had not backed off on retention itself.
The backup process simply starts at the first block on the drive and reads every cylinder, track and sector until every bit on the drive has been backed up.
Since they were backed by residential mortgages that had a prepayment option, movements in interest rates caused changes in the speed of repayment.
Some, like Network Associates (formerly known as McAfee), which also sells anti-virus software, provide virus scans of data as it is being backed up.
Until recently, for example, most private placements were backed by equipment leases, trade receivables, health care receivables and subprime auto loans.
(24) If a second tier subsidiary legally issued the guarantee, which in turn was backed by the guarantee of the parent, it is likely that the Service would view this as a conduit transaction and look through it to attack the parent guarantee.
* Don't just back up data files; make sure application programs also are backed up.