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Synonyms for backdrop

Synonyms for backdrop

scenery hung at back of stage

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In Phase Two of the project, these photographs were then reworked in the photo-studios, juxtaposing the self-portraits against the painted backdrops, using Photoshop.
Choose the box option under the stars icon and pick the backdrop you want.
Hang a curtain on either side of the tinsel backdrop, stringing fishing line through them and attaching the fishing line to the wall or ceiling with pushpins, tacks or gaffer's tape.
Best Wedding Backdrops has a full range of options in unique, modern wedding decoration, including:
In Westerns we get to play against huge backdrops and dastardly villains.
Address : O Ic Backdrop Committee Psp Cell Air Force Station Adampur 144103
ca has over 20 years of experience in printing banners, backdrops, and a wide variety of other forms of marketing signage, helping businesses connect with customers and other companies with quality work that showcases brands in a compelling manner.
It covers the complete construction process and uses lessons the author learned from building his previous layout to cover all the details, from track to scenery and backdrops.
The experience of viewing such moments, while it cannot be duplicated within institutional and architectural confines, was nevertheless approached by pieces like the Rauschenberg-designed backdrops for Glacial Decoy, 1979, four floor-to-ceiling rear-projection screens on which such images as palm fronds, light filaments, and brickwork pulsed from one to the next.
The types of display items typically needed are: Exhibition Stands Conference Stages and Backdrops Pop up panels Display boards Podiums Signage On occasion it may be required to provide a customized pavilion weatherproof structure that houses exhibition space and includes all utilities and waste e.
com), an online retailer for photography backdrops and studio equipment, announces today its merger with fellow online photography retailer, Photographic Backdrop.