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a retraction of a previously held position

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A good share of the time, people use backdown range offers and our work suggests that's unwise.
Labor opposition frontbencher Tony Burke welcomed the backdown but said the initial decision should never have been made.
Space travel would become "an everyday occurrence" by the year 2000, with competition encouraging innovation and pulling prices backdown to Earth.
Breach rates even increased to as much as 70 percent before declining by more than 50 percent between 2005 and 2012; see "Antisocial Behaviour: Crackdown--and Backdown," The Guardian, May 22, 2012.
Jockeys get lighter bans Jimmy Quinn, on runner-up Emma's Gift, and Fergus Sweeney, on third home and beaten favourite Birdolini, can thank the latest BHA backdown for just getting two days (November 25-26) for using their whips eight times, one over the limit, in the feature 1m2f handicap.
It is social pressure rather than government dominance that explains the legislative backdown.
However, when the former Birmingham forward argued that he had seen it with his own eyes, Gannon was forced into an embarrassing backdown that led to him leaving, but not before he had a chance to swear at his No.
And there's no question in our minds that the backdown is due to protests from the fishing community.
Washington declared its backdown from pushing for suspension of the Israeli
Butt's backdown is, however, only likely to bring an end to the possible legal action against him, with the fallout from the spot-fixing saga set to linger on.
Some Japanese newspapers decried Zhan's release as a backdown that would encourage Chinese assertiveness.
Diplomats in Moscow say Russian hardliners could read the shield backdown as a sign of U.
There is still time for chancellor Alistair 'Dithering' Darling to rectify the situation in next month's budget if the government is at all serious about keeping British jobs in the light of its 11th hour backdown on business rate rises.
But that partial backdown on peace talks with the Taliban appears to be more of a tactical adjustment in rhetoric than a basic change of policy.
He helped both Manchester City and Wolves, under manager Jones, climb into the Premiership, but bothslipped backdown to the second tier.