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make effective from an earlier date

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Intuitively, this uses the proportion of firms with high p-values that likely did not engage in backdating to estimate the proportion of firms with p < 0.05 that did not backdate. Figure 1 illustrates why this estimation intuitively makes sense.
However, an explanation often given by the person wanting to backdate the document is that the document is merely meant to reflect an oral agreement that has already been made and that this is just a way of documenting it.
Table 4 reports the univariate comparison for the key variables between potential backdaters (Backdate = 1) and the benchmark sample (Backdate = 0).
The original decision to backdate rates followed a decision of the previous Labour UK Government in 2008.
Consistent with our hypothesis, our results show that firms with weak boards are more likely to backdate stock options.
Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Senator Grassley, (145) stated in a September hearing that he was targeting all the actors involved in stock options backdating, accountants, lawyers, compensation consultants and board members, who advised executives to backdate options or looked the other way.
Two years ago, Jacob Alexander, one-time chief executive of Comverse Technology, fled to Namibia rather than face charges that he conspired to backdate stock options.
We conclude by describing the types of companies and executives that appear more likely to backdate and the option-granting procedures that appear to encourage backdating.
On the one hand, as University of Iowa economists Erik Lie and Randall Heron argue, technology companies had more opportunity to backdate effectively: the high volatility of technology stock prices created larger gaps between the stock price and the strike price, increasing the size of the intrinsic-value cushion.
He admitted that he "sought to obstruct" the HUD investigation by backdating his signature, backdating tenant signatures, and directing tenants to backdate forms by entering the date they moved into the apartments, rather than the date they were actually warned about lead-related health risks.
He instructed the sales manager to backdate sales invoices to the prior period.
"Where companies could have or should have known that a customer was not receiving a surface water drainage service, we would expect them to backdate the rebate to when they would have known or could reasonably have been aware.
ON January 23, 2008, an estimated 22,000 police officers marched through the streets of London in an unprecedented protest to highlight their outrage against the Government's refusal to backdate a 2.5 per cent rise for police officers.
POLICE officers in Huddersfield feel "undervalued and betrayed" by the Home Secretary's decision not to backdate a 2.5% pay settlement - says the town's top cop.