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mate a hybrid of the first generation with one of its parents

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Marker-assisted introgression in backcross breeding programs.
Incorporation of blast resistance into "PRR78", an elite Basmati rice restorer line through marker assisted backcross breeding.
It clearly show that during backcross phase frequency of favourable allele for introgressing QTL keep at 0.25, and there is no difference between two population sizes.
Figure 2 (TACF 2007) illustrates the backcross method--showing the progression of trees first being crossed to establish a 1/2 American, 1/2 Chinese generation, denoted as [F.sub.1], then through continued backcrossing eventually ending with 15/16 American, 1/16 Chinese, denoted [B.sub.3].
Partial infertility was observed in the backcross groups (BCP1, BPC1); approximately 3 million larvae developed successfully from 10 billion fertilized eggs, representing a particularly low development rate compared with the bay scallop control (P < 0.001).
In 2006, the membership was polled again, and a majority supported continuing the testing and breeding of backcrossed Dalmatians, but in 2008, the membership again voted against registering these dogs.
Advanced backcross QTL analysis of a Lycopersicon esculentum x Lycopersicon parviflorum cross.
Nonetheless, because the hybrid lineages included two backcross generations, and because of the low frequency of many introgressed markers, it is likely that most introgressed markers are heterozygous and coupled.
Backcross data were analyzed using the PROC CATMOD procedure of SAS software (SAS Institute, Inc.).
Chi-Squared values and probabilities of goodness of fit of segregation ratios of F2 and backcross generations are shown in Table 3.
It was pointed out that except for the number of kernels per spike the mean values of all other traits in the backcross generation with Atilla-12 (BC2) were higher than the mean values of same traits in the backcross generation with the Golia (BC1).
Idaho 587 is a backcross derivative of the soft white winter wheat cultivar Stephens with genetic tolerance to the imidazolinone class of herbicides developed by the BASF Corporation for use in controlling grassy weeds of wheat and generically given the name 'Clearfield'.
To confirm each backcross, TACF tested the created seedlings by inoculating them with blight.
Also, the hybrids appear to backcross with only one of their parent species,A, cervicornis.