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scenery hung at back of stage

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The staging, with some bright backcloths designed by Lev Solodovnikov, had more than its fair share of innovative oddities, placing more emphasis than usual on Quixote, Sancho Panza, Gamache and Lorenzo, even giving the latter three a cheerful little Russian character trio to dance.
At the age of 18, reacting against the naturalistic theater, Fort founded the Theatre d'Art (1890-93), in which formalized backcloths and stylized performances were substituted for realistic settings and acting.
The stage is bookended by two white backcloths with grey swirls and the only props are two bright white wooden chairs.
The backcloths for the films and early post cards were painted in Bamforths' studios in Holmfirth and one painted by James Bamforth himself still survives.
Volunteers painted backcloths, lent props, constructed frames which acted as screens for creating the workshops.
Huge tropical forests rear up across richlypainted backcloths and the costumes and head dresses with their jewels are a feast for the eyes and reminded this reviewer of Victorian toy theatres.
These have been set across the windows as shields against the mundane, or are used as softly illuminated backcloths for the clothes.