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scenery hung at back of stage

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And the strings had come earlier into their own with a wonderfully cushioning backcloth to the reflective incidents of Wagner's cosily intimate Siegfried Idyll.
This collection "provides an important backcloth to the revolution" in Egypt that overthrew Hosni Mubarak, according to editors Bush (African studies and developmental politics, U.
Animals feature, too: there's a shot of flamingos feeding in Lake Tashk, so clearly delineated against the dark-blue backcloth of the water that they look designed rather than photographed, and another of a colony of 30,000 Cape fur seals bound for the sea on Namibia's Skeleton Coast that captures their palpable joy in reaching the water.
Details 01824708263 6 Antique and Collectors Fair, St Mary''s Church Hall, Betws y Coed, Thursday, 9am-4pm A small, friendly fair with Snowdonia mountains as a backcloth. Entrance fee is 50p and half of it is donated to the church.
The themes of loyalty, friendship and the class divide are dealt with thoughtfully against the vivid historical backcloth. The only thing which doesn't quite ring true is the maturity and sophistication of Peter's political views.
Changing Wales' fortunes will be tough - it took nearly 30 years for the number of jobs to recover from the ravages of the 1980s and early 1990s recession, against a backcloth of generally rising public spending and a growing economy.
However, the city's limited financial flexibility and high operating costs against the weak economic backcloth currently preclude a higher rating, the agency added.
A magnificent setting for a racecourse, against the backcloth of Cleeve Hill and various other hills.
These intervals are part of the dramatic features of the work that also include audience participation, spiral rather than linear progression, inclusion of color in the backcloth, and the forensic setting of the entire piece.
Bellamy's innocence or guilt is for other people to decide, but the whole scenario is a bizarre backcloth to Wednesday night's Euro 2008 tie against Cyprus.
It is also set against a larger backcloth, the history of the reign of Nero and the imperial family, trying to gauge the impact of events of the wider Roman world on the lives of the citizens of Pompeii.
"But physical assets and financial holdings, share and bank balances, all provide the backcloth to the divide of the future."
Yet great artists are not just great people performing in front of a cultural backcloth; they are the backcloth themselves.
It had been observed in the late 1970s, that tall buildings seen behind St Paul's can have two effects: they can either create an effective backcloth of building mass with which the character of the Cathedral can be compared, or spoil its distinctive silhouette by obscuring and diffusing its clear outlines (City of London Development Plan, Subject Study St Paul's Heights, 1978: para 11.11, p88).
At the rise of the curtain, Nureyev was discovered against the backcloth, draped in an enfolding red cloak.