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light teasing repartee

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But we can't afford silly bookings for talking to the crowd or taking the shirt off or backchat.
After Hold The Back Page and Cricket Writers on TV, now welcome to Super League Backchat, hosted by RPSPORT's very own Rod Studd, aided and abetted by Stevo, who once upon a time had a full name though no one can quite recall what it was.
We told the players we didn't want any backchat and we've got one or two individuals who aren't great tacklers and we told them to be careful.
Backchat and temper tantrums are met with a more severe response.
From the kick-off by Dan Parks, Biarritz were penalised for offside and as a result of backchat, Welsh referee Nigel Owens marched the hosts back a further ten metres to make Parks' strike a formality.
Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison's score is a clever pastiche of period cliches, and Martin and Don McKellar's story, about a leading lady (the fabulous Sutton Foster) leaving the theater to get married, is purposely less interesting than Man in Chair's backchat about characters like Trix ("an aviatrix--today, we'd call her a lesbian").
1, and alongside such dogmatic exercises as A Stair Dance and Backchat.
Patent Awarded for Key Capabilities Including Persistent Group Chat, BackChat, Application and Data Integration, and Intelligent Notification and Filtering
BackChat search tool that lets users search archived content by date, time, key word, channel or user, enabling corporate memory to be stored and easily retrieved.
Yoshimoto's entertainers will first perform comic backchat Aug.
As she clings on to her last few months of freedom, she skips family dinners, dishes out endless backchat and steals her mother's money - just like any other rebellious teenager.
HATS off to John Bishop, who spoke out well for Liverpool during a Scouse love-in with Cilla Black on Backchat with Jack Whitehall and His Dad (BBC2, Monday).
As Jack Whitehall squirmed through an interview with Andy Murray's mum Judy on BBC3's Backchat it was interesting to hear Jonathan Ross giving him this feedback: "It's embarrassing.
It's been fun with all the jokes and the backchat about it.
Fresh Meat star Jack (whose new show Backchat also continues tonight on BBC Three) is in the running to hang onto his tiara for the second year in a row but faces competition from Graham Norton, Alan Carr, David Mitchell and previous winner Sarah Millican.