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Synonyms for backbone

Synonyms for backbone

a central cohesive source of support and stability

fortitude and determination

the part of a book's cover that encloses the inner side of the book's pages and that faces outward when the book is shelved


the part of a network that connects other networks together

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Examination showed that it contained a bone arrangement halfway between that of fishes and tetrapods - backboned land animals.
FITCHBURG - Backboned by a pair of outstanding efforts in net, Westboro and Leominster skated to a 1-1 tie in a Roy Conference hockey game last night at the Wallace Civic Center.
Washington, Sept 13 (ANI): A new species of large predatory fish that prowled ancient North American waterways during the Devonian Period, before backboned animals existed on land has been discovered.
Lunarpages' internal gigabit fiber network is multi backboned with Mzima Networks, NTT/Verio, Global Crossing and Genuity.
They are backboned by players like Finlay, Vinny Corey, Owen Lennon and Dessie Mone who were there through the lean years and are enjoying being Ulster champions and winning back-to-back league titles in the space of just over 12 months.
Backboned by Derry stars Kevin McGuckin and Enda Muldoon, Ballinderry won the All-Ireland in 2002 and met Cross' in the 2008 Ulster final.
Center halfback Rizzo stabilizes the defense, capably backboned by sophomore goalie Audra Hampsch.
Now, Anne Utne-Palm of the University of Bergen, Norway, and colleagues have found that bearded gobies spend the daylight hours at the very bottom - the only backboned animals in the area to do so.
intends to be a leading, regional, integrated communication provider (ICP), providing a full complement of enhanced Internet and telecommunication services over fiber optic and wireless backboned networks.
The third Eagle candidate is senior defenseman Andrew Alberts (Eden Prairie, MN), a 6-4 defenseman who has posted 3-6-9 in scoring and backboned the second-in-the-nation BC defense that has allowed only 1.
Manager John Meyler, who had two different spells in charge of Kerry, has made no apologies for bringing the MLR players, who have backboned the county team in recent years, straight back into the reckoning.
The team also found a little-known group of animals close to the missing link in evolution between backboned and invertebrate animals.
He relied on the well-known genius of Colm Cooper to see off Cork in the semi-final replay, and the team has been backboned again by experienced performers like Marc O Se, Mike McCarthy and Kieran Donaghy.