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Synonyms for backbone

Synonyms for backbone

a central cohesive source of support and stability

fortitude and determination

the part of a book's cover that encloses the inner side of the book's pages and that faces outward when the book is shelved


the part of a network that connects other networks together

References in classic literature ?
Near the end, Hall and Billy went out of sight over the south side of the backbone, and when Saxon saw them again they were rounding the extreme point of rock and coming back on the cove side.
The Backbone Trail, which climbs the Santa Monica Mountains' panoramic peaks and dips into its lushest valleys, was no match for El Nino.
We designed our HD Mesh backbone platform for maximum performance and ease of installation and maintenance, while allowing for flexibility and scalability to grow with the needs of a particular network.
Or foolhardily bushwhack the segment east of Circle X Ranch, where the Backbone Trail is today only a tentative line on a map, resulting in a six-mile gap.
Heck, many Los Angeles-area residents don't even know the Backbone Trail exists, much less fans of its internationally recognized brethren to the east.
The network is not only used as an education and resource network but is also an integral part of the Internet backbone in China.
The Backbone Trail extends from Will Rogers State Historic Park in Pacific Palisades to Point Mugu State Park in Ventura County.
The backbone will be one of the longest continuous urban trails in America, but only when the final pieces of the puzzle fit together.
Deployed at the core, McDATA's FICON-capable Intrepid 10000 backbone director (tier 1) is key to enabling a tiered storage networking strategy for a Global Enterprise Data Center (GEDC), where information can be accessed on demand.
Asia Netcom, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Netcom (NYSE:CN)(SEHK:0906), today announced that its Japan operation, Asia Netcom Japan, together with partners, Miyagi Networks and Frontiers, have successfully completed one of the world's first large scale trials of transmitting high-definition television (HDTV) over a shared Internet backbone.
The Intrepid i10K Backbone Director, in combination with the virtualization, logical partitioning, and heterogeneous remote replication capabilities of the Hitachi TagmaStore(TM) Universal Storage Platform, enables customers to implement tiered storage configurations and secure on-demand consolidation solutions that extend business uptime with new carrier-class availability features -- a requirement at the backbone of the enterprise.
McDATA's Intrepid i10K Backbone Director is key to enabling a tiered storage networking strategy, where a customer's infrastructure is matched with their tiered storage environment allowing for cost effective deployment of information lifecycle management strategies.
Peering is the fundamental process by which all Internet traffic -- from email to video -- is exchanged between the backbone networks that comprise the Internet.
We are very honored and proud to be entrusted again by China Mobile for their IP backbone network expansion in partnership with Juniper Networks," said Mats H Olsson, President of Ericsson China.
Mzima's network backbone has been able provide high quality IP connectivity to our customers from day one, but the national footprint will help us capitalize on our peering relationships which ultimately increase network performance.