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Synonyms for backboard

a raised vertical board with basket attached

a board used to support the back of someone or something

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from each side of the backboard into each shelf ledge.
Said Shipp: "I was forced to shoot from the other side (of the backboard).
Join the desktop's backboard and sides together from underneath the desktop, using No.
Thanks to modern technology, our kids don't have to watch Pop sweat up a storm while swearing under his breath, as there is an endless parade of portable basketball backboards and nets available.
Free throws are shot from the foul line, which is 15 feet from the backboard.
Position these three map pieces on the backboard and trace their outlines with your marker.
The memorandum also cleared that 'a player may still hang on to the basket rim, backboard or its support, to prevent injury to himself or another player with no penalty.'
The 22-year-old rookie bested last year's champion, Utah Jazz forward Jeremy Evans, and even honored Carter by donning his old Toronto jersey just before he unleashed a 360-degree windmill alley-oop off the side of the backboard.
The engineers explained that backspin deadens the ball when it bounces off the rim or backboard, giving the ball a better chance of settling through the net.
"Our major goal is to get a fiberglass backboard," Joe said.
A sturdy backboard reduces stress on your upper and lower back muscles.
`Back in Las Vegas, right behind the backboard, we've got some fans.
from the backboard (approximately the volleyball court line in the free-throw lane).
'Of the chances we create, a lot of our shots go straight at the goalkeeper - you can bet if it was an Aussie or an Argentinian, the ball would be rebounding off the backboard.'
I got a backboard for you from that old school they tore down, and I painted it in Grandpa's basement.