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backfire from a recoilless weapon


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What I have also discovered, in the time I've had to experiment with suppressors, is that backblast is less dependant on the suppressor design (although it does play a role) and is more dependent on the fit of the upper and lower.
And while no countermeasure can thwart an unguided threat, warning systems that sense muzzle flash and RPG backblast might give crews a precious second's warning.
The students participate in both classroom and hands-on training, including firing subcaliber trainers with realistic backblast and noise to emphasize safety.
England's Lee Westwood was one of Woods' playing partners and caught the backblast.
Whether the rocket's warhead is intended for antiarmor or anti-material (buildings, fortifications), such weapons are expensive, do not always provide the optimum terminal effect on the target, sometimes prevent firing from confined areas, and create a substantial backblast signature.
It produces a major backblast signature and hazard, and this, coupled with its long barrel, restricts its use in built-up areas.
Their burning plasma clouds can penetrate even the smallest cracks, and when the slurry is completely consumed, the resulting vacuum causes a massive backblast that crushes everything in the area.
Backblast was also a consideration, and antitank positions for our range were not close enough to the SBF position for easy command and control.
The backblast and concussion can seriously injure or kill anyone in that enclosed area.
In addition to the two soldiers in Company C wounded by gunshots, two soldiers from the attached 82d Airborne platoon suffered backblast burns while firing antitank rockets from the prone position.