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any of the seats occupied by backbenchers in the House of Commons

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While the letter is doubtless part of a bid to stop city centre votes haemorrhaging in the May elections, it also - along with the backbench motion - runs directly contrary to the long-term strategy of the town hall's leadership, one historically renowned for its pro-development stance and tight political control.
Biggar: There is no budget provided for backbench MLAs to travel within the constituency for meetings with constituents or to rent meeting space.
The vote was ordered by the Backbench Business Committee after receiving a
A Cabinet Office spokesman said: "The e-petition has now reached 100,000 signatures and the Government will notify the Backbench Business Committee in the House of Commons in order that the Committee can consider its suitability for debate when Parliament returns in September.
For the Lib Dems these will be backbench committees with chairmen, rather than independent spokespeople for each department, as Plaid's Assembly group has.
He has undertaken to have "further consultations" with his backbench critics, many of whom represent rural constituencies and fear for the future of local shops.
THE Tories are planning to join a Labour backbench rebellion tomorrow in a bid to force the Government to scupper plans to cut disability benefits.
And one Tory MP warned John Major he could face a backbench revolt if he pressed ahead with the joint proposals.
The result is a thorough study that does far more than bring Lynskey's 20-year-old attempt to assess the extent of backbench influence in modifying government policy up to date.
The Backbench Business Committee was created in 2010 in an attempt to wrest power away from party leaders and allow backbench MPs to force issues which concern their constituents to the top of the agenda.
In a statement issued to all MPs, as part of his campaign to win the role, M r Mearns said "The Backbench Business Committee has been a vital vehicle to allow the voice of backbench Members of Parliament be heard in the Chamber of the House of Commons and in Westminster Hall.
Cabinet member for community safety James McKay told backbench members that many fixed-site cameras had become obsolete and that more roving cameras would be introduced.
DAVID Cameron faces a damaging showdown with backbench Tories over plans to award MPs an 11% pay rise.
I am sure that if the Labour candidate had got elected and a similar train of events had taken place that we would not have heard a peep form Labour's motley crew of backbench usual suspects who are occasionally, when not cluttering up the Westminster backbenches, found loitering here in Gwent.
Textbook Berry on Backbench Jessica Harrington hosted an open morning earlier in the day at her Commonstown base, but both her runners in the opening two contests were friendless in the market.