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any of the seats occupied by backbenchers in the House of Commons

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Later today I will return to the backbenches and it will be my first time in 21 years so it's going to be quite a change."
While the letter is doubtless part of a bid to stop city centre votes haemorrhaging in the May elections, it also - along with the backbench motion - runs directly contrary to the long-term strategy of the town hall's leadership, one historically renowned for its pro-development stance and tight political control.
Biggar: There is no budget provided for backbench MLAs to travel within the constituency for meetings with constituents or to rent meeting space.
"I watched my dad that day dust himself off and walk back into the Parliament and sit on the backbench for Question Time," Jessica said.
A good handful of days are set aside for these debates which are decided by a new backbench committee.
However, the chair of the influential Conservative backbench 1922
Under the Government's new e-petition rules the Commons backbench business committee must consider allotting time for a debate on any campaign that attracts more than 100,000 supporters.
The Liberal Democrats at Westminster have decided to go down a similar route to Plaid in Cardiff Bay by appointing backbench MPs to shadow Government departments.
Many of the MPs who would have more chance of beating Gordon Brown seem to be more interested in securing a Cabinet position rather than challenge the Chancellor, knowing if they lose they face backbench mediocrity.
BACKBENCH MPs are calling on the Government to raise the age at which youngsters can buy cigarettes.
Despite these concerns, Paul Martin, in line with previous promises for more backbench autonomy, allowed a free vote on the non-binding motion.
The Cayman Islands parliament has approved a backbench motion for a Government enquiry into Esso Standard Oil SA Ltd., reports CANA (July 7, 1999).
THE Tories are planning to join a Labour backbench rebellion tomorrow in a bid to force the Government to scupper plans to cut disability benefits.
And one Tory MP warned John Major he could face a backbench revolt if he pressed ahead with the joint proposals.