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The regular-shaped boot is a true family affair, not only because of its huge load-carrying capacity ( amounting to 520-litres of baggage space ( but also courtesy of the low lip which helps to make loading-up a much less back-breaking operation.
One thing that has truly confused me is the back-breaking labor involved in starting and working a garden, especially raised beds.
But never forget that even the world's best equipment can't do its mission without maintenance--tough, sweaty, back-breaking maintenance.
This back-breaking technique is only necessary if you need to break up the most unyielding of ground for the first time - for example, if you are preparing a vegetable plot for the first time.
Doyle toiled at the back-breaking work in the evenings, after returning from her day job as a data entry operator for Monford Meat Co.
STAFF from the Tote and Ascot racecourse have raised more than pounds 4,000 for charity following a back-breaking lorry pull at Ascot on July 15.
Besides shouldering the back-breaking work day in and day out -- many haul loads heavier than their own body weight -- the children also face beatings and worse from Thai border guards.
based consulting firm, which has written a back-breaking 900-page report that examines the water needs of the region's top seven economies.
Looking at the example of the nurse with the sore back, the nurse likely would be more productive had the purchaser of the back-breaking chairs balanced the importance of comfort and quality against the price.
People don't realize that an acre of tobacco requires over 250 hours of back-breaking physical labor for that $2,450 return," said Pullins.
Owners should not be required to bear the burden alone of paying for the necessary clean up when they weren't responsible for the material being used in the first place, and when the material in most instances was legal when the owner bought the building * I don't believe owners should have to bear without assistance what for many is an economically back-breaking burden of cleaning up a potentially dangerous substance, such as lead paint.
Thousands of women do back-breaking work cleaning Chicago's hotel rooms every day.
Explorer O'Shea has made history with a paramotor flight and crossed the almost-impenetrable North Patagonian ice cap but said this back-breaking endurance could be his toughest challenge yet.
The Birkenheadbased Wilfred Owen Story has a range of items including an "entrenching" tool that was used to start the long back-breaking process of trench digging, as well as a field stretcher and a standard issue first aid kit.