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an impudent or insolent rejoinder

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It's a movie that invites back talk ("So Randolph Scott was queer--he didn't write his dialogue, did he?") even as you sorely want to believe everything it's selling.
In case after case, the zero tolerance slogan steeled officials to set aside any impulses of mercy and resolve doubts in favor of firmer suppression, more severe penalties, and less back talk from the accused.
If there's an issue you'd like to see addressed in "Back Talk," send us your view on the subject.
I am sad to say that after almost three years at Credit Union Times this will be my last Gen Y Back Talk column.
My replacement, Mary Grace Murphy will be taking over as web editor and will continue the Gen Y Back Talk column and Facebook page.
IT IS ESPECIALLY NOTABLE THAT A business magazine is discussing the issue of mental illness, as it constitutes half of the top 10 causes of disability worldwide (Back Talk, April 2006).
BOLO ZENDEN has knocked back talk of a move to PSV Eindhoven.
No back talk: The "right of reply" written into Venezuela's 1999 constitution does not apply to journalists because they already have access to the media, the country's Supreme Court ruled June 12 as it rejected efforts by El Nacional columnist Elias Santana to respond to criticism President Hugo Chavez leveled at Santana during his radio show "Alo, Presidente." Free-press groups, including the New York-based Committee for the Protection of Journalists, expressed alarm at the court's additional suggestion that journalists could be prosecuted for violating the constitution's right to "timely, truthful, and impartial information" if they express opinions that include insulting comments that are "out of context, disconnected, or unnecessary for the topic." ...
Scott Fitzgerald, the early detective stories of Hammett and his two most famous successors were extra-dry martinis made up of equal portions of sex, violence, and snappy back talk, savagely mixed and poured over a seamy urban sprawl.
Editor's note: This issue's Back Talk relates to the cover story "Panacea or Poison?
Credit Union Times is adding a new addition to its social media presence: a Gen Y Back Talk Facebook page.
DAVID Coulthard, facing the sack and suffering his worst-ever Grand Prix season, hit back talk last night and insisted he is far from finished.
Political turmoil over the past month has raised fears among ordinary citizens that the government -- which has pushed back talks to seal IMF funding till January -- may not be able to get its fragile finances under control.
Watson - of the Voice: Russell W Return o Tonight (8.00pm Eighteen m spoke to Tre about his tr pituitary tum looks back talks about m)onths after he first evor McDonald reatment for a mour, the singer on his illness and the future.
President Barack Obama s decision to back talks on a global arms trade treaty reversed the position of the Bush administration, which had opposed it on grounds that national controls were better.