back street

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a narrow street with walls on both sides

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Instead of going to her pupils by way of the park and the pleasant streets adjoining, she took a roundabout route through back streets, and thus escaped Mr.
So day after day she trudged through the dull back streets, longing for the sunny park, the face that always brightened when it saw her coming, and most of all the chance of meeting well, it was n't Trix.
The band on the pier is playing a harsh waltz in good time, and further along the quay there is a Salvation Army meeting in a back street.
in a fifth floor, up a narrow dark back street in Antwerp.
I loafed along the back streets studying and studying.
My brother could not hear it for the traffic in the main thoroughfares, but by strik- ing through the quiet back streets to the river he was able to distinguish it quite plainly.
Fortunately it was early, and they went through back streets, so few people saw them, and no one laughed at the queer party.
The quaint back streets of Kingston, where they came down to the water's edge, looked quite picturesque in the flashing sunlight, the glinting river with its drifting barges, the wooded towpath, the trim-kept villas on the other side, Harris, in a red and orange blazer, grunting away at the sculls, the distant glimpses of the grey old palace of the Tudors, all made a sunny picture, so bright but calm, so full of life, and yet so peaceful, that, early in the day though it was, I felt myself being dreamily lulled off into a musing fit.
When I struck the town I see there warn't nobody out in the storm, so I never hunted for no back streets, but humped it straight through the main one; and when I begun to get towards our house I aimed my eye and set it.
It might have only been one small point of sale in North Ormesby that was closed down, but the message blasted out loud and clear to everyone is that this back street dealing will be stamped on.
The bureau, based at Barlow House in Back Street, has gained a legal aid franchise to carry out housing advice and has taken on Kathleen Clarke, a specialist in housing advice casework.
The woman unearthed the rare 250-year-old gem in a back street Glasgow flea market.
FALLEN snooker legend Alex Higgins is scraping a living by playing for pounds 10 a frame in back street snooker halls, the Mirror can reveal.
The 34-year-old victim was attacked at the junction of Bond Gate and Back Street, near Millennium and Liberty's, at about 2.
Motorists are being urged to find alternative routes and HGV drivers are being directed to use Bond Street and Regent Street rather than Back Street.