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a room located in the rear of an establishment

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She went into the back room which was more especially her own apartment, and continued her sewing there.
Then they had to go into the back rooms occupied by Billina's nine Dorothys and two Daniels, who were all plump yellow chickens and greeted the visitors very politely.
Men who entered from the street felt it immediately, and in response to their queries the barkeepers nodded at the back room, and said comprehensively, "Burning Daylight's on the tear.
Well, there was no use waiting; he had come into that house, he scarce knew how; if they were to thrust him forth again, it had best be done at once; and he moved to the door of the back room and entered.
It made Hetty quite sad to look at it: Arthur must be somewhere in the back rooms, with the grand company, where he could not possibly know that she was come, and she should not see him for a long, long while--not till after dinner, when they said he was to come up and make a speech.
The windows of the back rooms overlooked an enormous court, which formed the center of the square made by the buildings which faced the four contiguous streets, and which was now given over to the quartering of the various animals belonging to the warriors occupying the adjoining buildings.
At my direction they placed the stuff in one of the back rooms, and then departed, only to return with a second load, which they advised me constituted the balance of my goods.
Evidently in the back rooms, from which they had dashed out so impetuously, the conversation had been more amusing than the drawing-room talk of society scandals, the weather, and Countess Apraksina.
Then he skipped out, and saw Sid just starting up the outside stairway that led to the back rooms on the second floor.
Many public sector back room services are now shared or outsourced so that more money can be directed to the front-line services on which we all depend - this is not an 'attack' on back room staff, it is the stark reality of trying to maintain public services at a time when demand and expectations are much more than can be delivered.
20pm on Tuesday, and lay on the floor in a back room of the shop.
CRESWELL - A two-bedroom single-family home sustained an estimated $50,000 in damages after a back room caught fire Tuesday night, South Lane Fire and Rescue Division Chief Joe Raade said.
The resident was alone inside the house when he heard some noise from a back room.
Keith Phillips, president and CEO of Voxware, says this satellite DC might serve as an enhanced back room for a single store or provide three or four deliveries per day to each store within a certain radius.
Our research shows that more than two-thirds of the time the computer is wrong and the associate would waste a lot of time walking back and forth from the back room to the front end of the store.