back pack

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a bag carried by a strap on your back or shoulder

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Grant for the Back Pack Program at two elementary schools in low income neighborhoods.
The back pack was adjusted to sit high on the back.
In addition to collecting food donations for the Back Pack program, Furr's Fresh Buffet will donate a percentage of the week's sales proceeds directly to the San Antonio Food Bank to further support the Back Pack program.
Prices start from pounds 170 and the back pack will be available in O'Neill stores from September
It's easy to put cleaning problems behind you with the new goClean Back Pack Vac.
He then went on to set two more records: most strict squat jumps in one minute while carrying a 100lb pack, plus two five-kilo dumbbells (18 reps); and most step-ups in two minutes on a 15-inch bench carrying a 100lb back pack plus two five-kilo dumbbells (45 step-ups).
Sydney back pack, Herschel @ ASOS CHECKING OUT Woolly scarves It's heating up, so fold away those chunky knits and invest in light cotton or silk instead.
com)-- An innovative and functional new twist on a widely used personal accessory, the Back Pack Assembly, has been developed by Jorge Valdes of Hialeah, Florida.
Available in five varieties, including Tailball Back Pack Attack, which comes in a handy back pack including a net, Tailball Extreme, which is strictly for outdoor play, and Tailball Flyer, a fresh take on the traditional Frisbee game, Tailball is suitable for all ages and abilities.
Included- 2002 Ford F150 Long bed, 6x12 Utility trailer, 52 Inch Commercial Torro Mower, 2 trimmers, 2 back pack blowers, 2 weed eaters, 1 edger, plus misc gear.
A firefighter has swapped his hose reel for a back pack on a gruelling trek around Scotland.
Food Lion customers are encouraged to purchase Back Pack & Give Back kits for their own students and local students in need.
Fabric Pofy tetron 180 GSM ZperYKK Back pack handte with hand handtewkh fame On the from pocket NIVH LOGO
He said: "The last eight months have been especially tough and challenging, the cross country back pack records carrying 40, 60, 80 and 100lb back packs has mentally tested me, but my team has pushed me all the way.
We are reliability informed that the back pack was in fact used to carry the essential tools of the trade for a game or two of badminton.