back pack

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a bag carried by a strap on your back or shoulder

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Support for the Back Pack and Cooking Matters Programs during two academic years at an elementary school in a low income neighborhood of Hammond, LA.
Prices start from pounds 170 and the back pack will be available in O'Neill stores from September
The Back Pack Vac features all the attachments (telescoping wands and nozzles) needed to clean multiple surfaces such as carpeting, tile, wood floors, curtains and blinds.
He then went on to set two more records: most strict squat jumps in one minute while carrying a 100lb pack, plus two five-kilo dumbbells (18 reps); and most step-ups in two minutes on a 15-inch bench carrying a 100lb back pack plus two five-kilo dumbbells (45 step-ups).
The Back Pack Assembly will insure that its users will be comfortable wearing it in any type of weather.
After a few minutes he left the band room with a back pack on his back.
NEW YORK -- The Coalition for Luggage Security today cited the unquestioned shooting death of a passenger in Miami, the removal of another passenger from a plane in San Jose for clutching a back pack and having obscene words written in his journal and the use now of security screeners serving as untrained psychologists as they monitor our actions to determine if we are terrorists, criminals or "good" Americans.
Contract notice: Scanning and automatic sorting records "paper" back pack.
e rst to fall was 1km speed march carrying a 40lb back pack (nine mins, 33secs).
Sydney back pack, Herschel @ ASOS CHECKING OUT Woolly scarves It's heating up, so fold away those chunky knits and invest in light cotton or silk instead.
Fabnc Pofy tetron 180 GSM , ZperYKK, Back pack hande wffa hand hamSenteh fame , On to from pocket NIVH LOGO
His new Guinness World Records are: One-mile cross country speed march carrying 80lb back pack (16 mins, 38 secs); five-mile cross country speed march carrying 80lb back pack (1hr, 15 mins, 42 secs); 10km cross country speed march carrying 80lb back pack (1hr, 37 mins, 18 secs, beating previous record by 22 mins); 10-mile cross country speed march carrying 80lb back pack (2hrs, 44 mins, 26 secs) and 13-mile cross country speed march carrying 80lb back pack (3hrs, 27 mins, 54 secs, beating previous record by 32 mins).
Grass was destroyed when paraquat from a high pressure back pack was sprayed in the middle of the night, leaving club officials devastated.
THE Packaway Pac is an instant fold-away back pack which provides similar carrying capacity to a regular back pack yet folds into its own compact travel pouch.
So off went Sue, parcel post, with an itinerary also in her back pack so each troop knew where to ship her next after their visit was over.