back judge

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a football official

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Sharing officiating duties with Harrell will be Terry Steinert of Darlington, SC, Umpire; Charlie Joe, Sumter, Field Judge; Danny Martin, Charlotte, Line Judge; Al Blades, Laurinburg, NC, Back Judge (NC); Jim Littlejohn, Irmo, SC, Back Judge (SC); and Wilson Hunter, Greenwood, SC, Linesman.
The touchdown was signaled by the back judge, who saw the ball caught and (Kelly) roll over,'' referee David Cutaia said.
Renzenbrink, along with an NFL sideline official known as a ``green hat'' (he actually wears one) and the game's back judge, has a stopwatch to monitor the breaks, with a 10-second cushion in and out of the commercial.
In other words, The Undertaker will not be playing for the San Francisco Demons, and Maddox will not hit a blitzing linebacker over the head with a steel chair while the back judge is distracted by the cheerleaders.
Snap to Ovitz, he hands the ball to Roski and - I don't believe it, but it appears the back judge has purposely tripped Roski in the backfield.
After a brief discussion, field judge David Warden and back judge Kirk Dornan agreed.
Anyhow, the NFL has modified the procedure for the coin toss - the referee, the back judge and the field judge all will witness the event at midfield.