back judge

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a football official

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Likening his role as referee to being an aircraft crew chief, Prioleau has the final say-so on calls by the line judge, field judge, umpire, head linesman and back judge.
McKenney Award for top collegiate football official will go to Big East back judge Bryan Platt of Watertown, Mass.
Five years after the conference's brightest zebra moment, the Oregon-Oklahoma onside-kick fiasco at Autzen Stadium, only two of the seven officials from that crew are still with the league - linesman Dan Antonietti and back judge Steve Hudson - on the field.
After it happened, Christopher Dean was holding my hand while a physio was massaging my rib back judge into my spine.
The back judge, who threw his flag for pass interference, didn't realize the other flags were on another Giants lineman - Seubert had checked in prior to the play as an eligible receiver.
The Sharks also weren't sure how the back judge could have made the call almost 50 feet from the point of the infraction, which occurred behind the San Jose net.
The touchdown was signaled by the back judge, who saw the ball caught and (Kelly) roll over,'' referee David Cutaia said.
Renzenbrink, along with an NFL sideline official known as a ``green hat'' (he actually wears one) and the game's back judge, has a stopwatch to monitor the breaks, with a 10-second cushion in and out of the commercial.
In other words, The Undertaker will not be playing for the San Francisco Demons, and Maddox will not hit a blitzing linebacker over the head with a steel chair while the back judge is distracted by the cheerleaders.