back end

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the side of an object that is opposite its front

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Very well," answered Nick, "the broom shall be used for a tail," and he fastened it firmly to the back end of the sofa body.
Suddenly, they saw its back end drop down, as into a rut, and the gee-pole, with Hal clinging to it, jerk into the air.
The challenges around BI and analytics occur at two levels within the enterprise: at the back end, where the right data must be identified and sourced to provide a clear view of the business, and at the front end, where the right tools are needed to leverage the data and apply it to day-to-day operational and long-term strategic business decision-making," said Joseph McKendrick, research analyst at Unisphere Research and author of the survey.
Apresta Studio connects to any back end database such as CRM, Trading Systems, Portfolio Accounting Database, Money Market Directory, and Nelson's MarketPlace.
Some of the back end systems easily connected to include Siebel, SAP, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL, Remedy, Clarify, Lawson, JD Edwards, i2, Manugistics and of course, Saratoga CRM, among others.