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the side of an object that is opposite its front

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As you can see from the cam, her back end is huge, tail is up, aaaannnddd we wait!" ( the zoo said.
Back end: Significant opportunities for international sales, domestic syndication and SVOD licensing after current-season airings.
Sometimes it's useful to create a front end and back end to your database structure.
Google unveiled synchronization technology that supports Microsoft Outlook as the front end to Gmail, giving users an option to scrap Exchange on the back end while allowing users to keep their familiar desktop client.
The river I fish most, the Tay, has had yet another indifferent back end, in fact personally speaking, it's been my worst summer and back end since 1961, when I first cast a fly on its pools.
Early in the year, a motoring critic, whilst giving acceptable comment of the car he had tested, remarked that it did have a tendency to 'lose the back end" when cornering - clearly he was taking the corner at a higher speed than he should.
Place two jack stands under the back end of the vehicle behind the tiedown eyes.
The back end rant about why overt and blind patriotism is stupid is especially on the mark.
Block storage virtualization masks the complexity of connecting heterogeneous storage arrays on the back end, presenting the associated capacity in a consistent way from a common, virtual resource pool.
PODGY leprechaun hacket Louis Walsh obviously hasn't looked in the mirror recently - he described Scots diet guru Gillian McKeith as having a face like the back end of a bus.
The tool itself reportedly requires minimal integration into existing back end systems and requires none of the upfront investment required by proprietary systems.
The addition of WMS functionality supports lean processes at both the front end and back end of the manufacturing line.
The upside potential of it, I think, is that there is a lot of revenue to be made on the front end and the back end as far as electronic recycling is concerned.
They should walk away knowing what information needs to be captured, what the data structure in the back end consists of, the reporting requirements, automation and how the data is going to fit in.
EHRs are generally made up of two main databases, the front end, and back end. The back end database is the back-bone of the EHRs and having a standard, freely available cross-platform back-end database would go a long way toward increasing availability and use of EHRs among physicians.