back country

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a remote and undeveloped area

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But for flying over the nearest mountain and landing on a lakebed in the middle of Nevada, the external bike racks are convenient, and get you where you're going with REAL mountain bikes capable of handling the back country. For this specialized case, the racks make a lot of sense--even if they do still get a lot of strange looks.
My personal favorite, and one of the very best hunting rifles available today, is the Back Country. With a price of $1,429 it is one of the more expensive Vanguards, but the well selected, high quality list of features justifies the cost.
The authors cover the Carolina back country and the first Cherokee War, the political maneuvering in the lead up to the Revolution, the Georgia Campaign of 1779, and many other related subjects.
Snowsport Scotland said he was "a talented back country skier, coach and man of great enthusiasm and infectious energy".
Author Jim Steenburgh, a professor at the University of Utah, and a very accomplished resort and back country skier (as has been witnessed by this reviewer), has written a very readable book that examines the science behind the myth.
Saturday at equine area at Buford Park and Mount Pisgah, north end of west side entrance; Emerald Back Country Horsemen of Oregon will present an educational day for equestrians and their horses looking to go trail riding, camping or into the wilderness safely; free; 541-337-3138.
Q: If I have a cell phone or a GPS, do I still need to bring a map and compass when I go hiking in the back country?
Three Thousand Miles Across the American West follows a rare back country horseback journey across unspoiled public lands from Mexico to Canada, and is a visual wonder that packs in color photos from a camera man who accompanied the group.
If we could see backpackers with large noisy backpacks we pulled off the trails and let them pass even though the rule in the back country is that horses have the right of way.
"In 2010 we took the bold decision to join the coalition to bring back Country on its feet.
Visitors already hiking or camping in the back country or taking rafting trips on the Colorado River will be able to complete their trips.
An innovative and patented new product designed to serve as a highly functional ski accessory, the Niveau Automatic Heel Lift System features a unique design that enables it to serve as an automatic heel lift designed around Fritschi Back Country Binding.
the servers do not need a working cellphone or network coverage to send the alarm and added that it was potentially invaluable for boating, tramping, fishing, kayaking or back country skiing and could be used to complement traditional personal locator beacons.