back country

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a remote and undeveloped area

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The Back Country has all these attributes, and adds durability even under the toughest environmental conditions.
In general, people are more polite in the back country and you are a lot less likely to get someone who would shoot first and wonder who you were second.
This book is about wolves in the Pacific Northwest, and it incorporates his first-hand experiences in the back country, photographs, maps, and discussion of what's known and what remains to be understood.
Subjects: Epidemiology, Injury, Back Country and Mountain Sports, Ocean and Freshwater Sports, Terrain-Based Sports.
He enjoyed taking walks, people watching, going for car rides on the back country roads and a good cup of coffee.
Some back country trails are closed due to downed trees and flooding, but overall things are normal here.
Bellingham is known for its outdoor sports and fine microbrews, and Back country Essentials is now a purveyor of both.
So when you hit the back country, take a quick look at the trailer's air tanks during stops to make sure the valves are still closed.
Published as a companion to the PBS television series 'Equitrekking' is a superbly illustrated compendium of some of the world's best horse riding destinations ranging from the romantic coast of Ireland, to the wilderness of southern Spain, to the wine country of California, to the rugged back country of Colorado, and more
As a geologist and an avid lover of trees, I have spent over 40 years roaming the back country.
OAKRIDGE - In 1973, a group of Montana cowboys formed the Back Country Horsemen of America to fight to preserve horse access to public lands in the face of emerging regulatory barriers.
Dozens of searchers set off into the rugged Nevada back country this weekend.
Now comes a system to ensure that surgeons hiking the abdominal back country always pack out what they packed in.
The Isle of Wight has always been the more laid back country cousin to V and Glastonbury.
Rottefella replaces Salomon as provider of ski bindings to Fischer and further secures its position as the world's leading developer and manufacturer of bindings for cross country, back country and Telemark skiing, according to the company.