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an alternative to the regular channels of communication that is used when agreements must be made secretly (especially in diplomacy or government)

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Using the Astra satellite system and standard telephone back channels, Europe Online can offer download speeds of up to 2 Mbits/second to personal computers equipped with Hauppauge's WinTV-DVB boards.
Network managers can use the product's extensive fault management capabilities to monitor alarms and generate reports in real-time, and remotely initiate loopbacks on T1 and T3 lines while all traffic other than the looped back channel remains unaffected.
He revealed plenty on the India- Pakistan back channel talks on Kashmir, Siachen and Sir Creek issue.
Tenders are invited for Cleaning of chuntikul by way of Deweeding removal of Radhs and Tree_bush cutting back channel behind chinar Bagh alongwith connecting channel length 509 m and cross channels 280m
It can also be a very bad thing if we use our connections the wrong way by conducting a back channel reference and unknowingly sabotage a candidate's career.
And that is the subject of Back Channel to Cuba, published late last year: a very timely prequel to the normalization story.
Srinagar -- Former puppet chief minister of occupied Kashmir Omar Abdullah Friday asked PDP and BJP which are holding back channel talks for government formation in the territory if they would compromise on some of the key issues like AFSPA, resumption of talks with Pakistan and rights of West Pakistan refugees.
htm) Pacquiao Team Members In Back Channel Negotiations To Make Fight Against Mayweather Happen; Arum, Koncz Blocking Super Fight-Report
To avoid outright war, the two leaders must form a back channel of direct communications.
Prime Minister Mahlab says back channel diplomacy at work to resolve crisis
The government received a video of Haidar through a back channel.
The Back Channel, a news-blog for Al-Monitor reporting on Washington and the Middle East, noted on Wednesday that, according to US officials, Bass is expected to be nominated to be the next US Ambassador to Turkey.
It reveals new details of the secret back channel between MI6 and the IRA and reinforces assertions there was a potential deal to end the hunger strike sooner.
The back channel diplomacy can also contribute to addressing the mistrust between the two countries over several issues, the report added.
Latency is relatively low end to end at under 60mS and the devices have an RS232 interface plus back channel audio in addition to the main stereo audio stream.