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an alternative to the regular channels of communication that is used when agreements must be made secretly (especially in diplomacy or government)

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Such back channels can add stability and predictability in foreign relations.
Back Channel to Cuba is a timely and important book on the evolution of U.
As the unraveling situation suggests, the current back channel diplomacy of Yameen's government is bound to hit failure due to many reasons and even if the strategy works, the Maldives will get little out of it.
Some back channel capers were driven by crises; others, by perceived opportunities.
To avoid outright war, the two leaders must form a back channel of direct communications.
Carter's engrossing Back Channel is, "What in the devil is going on here?
The Back Channel, a news-blog for Al-Monitor reporting on Washington and the Middle East, noted on Wednesday that, according to US officials, Bass is expected to be nominated to be the next US Ambassador to Turkey.
At the same time, while the back channel is important, if used improperly it can have serious consequences that are not ideal for the candidate you are vetting.
The back channel diplomacy can also contribute to addressing the mistrust between the two countries over several issues, the report added.
Rejecting all news reports regarding back door talks with PPP and PML-N, Nisar said that there is no back channel dialogue going on with the government on the issue of caretaker setup as his party does not believe in these channels.
Installation is further streamlined with pre-assembled, quick fit, heavy-duty brackets that lock into the back channel of the device's housing by tightening two screws.
Back channel responses (BC) are pervasive phenomena in the human communicative behavior, because participants in a conversation continuously give or elicit back channels as a way of explicitly exchanging information about the state of communication, for instance to show attention, understanding, misunderstanding, acceptance or non-acceptance, in order to make communication more efficient.
Mr Hunt told the Commons it was "categorically not the case" that the e-mails were evidence of a back channel for News Corp.
Back channel negotiation; secrecy in the Middle East peace process.
Aziz handled back channel negotiations with India as well as political matters at home.