back and forth

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moving from one place to another and back again

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2 : the action of moving or causing to move back and forth or from side to side very quickly : the state of being swung back and forth
Switching back and forth from black and white to color, and from silence to musical accompaniment, the work assembles a large and motley cast of Trockel's friends and family.
The movie is extremely cagey in the way it pulls the two stories together, jumping back and forth in time and shuttling among the main characters in a style that deepens and adds mystery to what is essentially a simple tale.
Deborah Smallwood, vice president, TowerGroup Insurance Practice notes that, "In the communications back and forth between the agent and the carrier's underwriting department for a submitted application, we've seen up to 16 handoffs and up to 16 days before all the information required to underwrite the risk was exchanged.
OTC:CLYW), announced today that the company has successfully completed the live demonstration of its proprietary ASNAP(TM) technology that seamlessly switches back and forth between the mobile networks and the new Wi-Fi networks to C.