bachelor girl

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a young unmarried woman who lives alone


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BACHELOR GIRL: The Secret History of Single Women in the Twentieth Century.
More so than any other living arrangement," writes journalist Betsy Israel, "the single life is deeply influenced--haunted may be a better word--by cultural imagery." In Bachelor Girl, Israel traces media images of single women in magazines, newspapers, novels, self-help books, films and later TV from the middle of the nineteenth century to the present.
BACHELOR girl Peggy Jones, 31, of Cooperville, Kansas, was so sick of men she's got married - to herself.
Around the table were the Ferreroses, Joel, Grace and their son Pepeton; Tina busily active working bachelor girl; Jerry, his wife and their children, as well as one of two Ferreros brothers living and working out of the country.
However, in April, she struck up a blossoming relationship with Sweet Home Alabama actor Josh Lucas, but she says that she enjoyed her time as a bachelor girl too "I read somewhere that a woman should live alone for at least a year and I think that's really good advice," she says.
MRS THATCHER Tory idol Maggie closed mines, took on unions and faced Poll Tax uproar; SPORTY Mel C has battled an eating disorder; POSH Victoria Beckham is lone Spice wife; GINGER Bachelor girl Geri Halliwell is a mum; SCARY Mel B has 2 kids but is still single; BABY Emma Bunton is unmarried mother Picture: AP
The millionairess, 19, is quitting her bachelor girl flat for a four-bedroomed luxury house in Llandaff, Cardiff.
The millionairess, 19, is quitting her bachelor girl flat for a four-bedroomed luxury house in the plush Cardiff suburb of Llandaff, just yards from the cathedral.
But bachelor girl Heather, from Dunblane, Perthshire, had double reason to celebrate after reaching her 60th birthday in the same week.
TV star Cybill Shepherd, once more a bachelor girl, is facing 50 - and proud of it.
Bachelor Girl are Tania Doko and James Roche, Australia's foremost pop rock outfit.
And the one-time bachelor girl, whose past loves include Matthew McConaughey, The OC's Tate Donovan and babyfaced Mormon actor Ryan Gosling.
Dibley's most famous bachelor girl has finally tied the knot.
The 31-year-old Charlie's Angels star, pictured right, was considered eligible for the Bachelor Girl poll by American TV show Rank because she isn't married.
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